6 Tips For Motivating Employees

Do you want to get more out of your employees? Needless to say you do. Happy employees make a better workplace and here are some tips on how to achieve this.

1. Ensure That Your Business is a Great Place to Be

Nobody likes the idea of standing around in a dingy, boring space all day. Work becomes a lot more pleasant if you have a well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, fun, and functional space. The first step is ensuring that things are well-kept and that your equipment is updated and working too.

It means that you should swap that Cold War-era computer in your back office and your snail-paced point-of-sale system with something more up to date. It also means ensuring that everything is clean and nice looking. It doesn’t have to be expensive to spruce up your space.

Try picking up interesting pieces of furniture at the charity shop or featuring local artists. All these small touches will ensure that things are more enjoyable for your employees and customers too.

2. Be a Supportive, Honest, and Respectful Manager

It might seem like a no-brainer, but poor management is one of the key reasons that employees give for running for the hills. Attributes such as honesty, respect, civil discourse and clear communication are key here. Fortunately, you can do a lot more to be a great mentor and leader.

If you are new to the management role, you should consider reading some books on the subject. After all, effective management takes practice and knowledge. You can check out Amazon’s best-sellers on management for a start or check out the employee management section of Square’s blog. Simply put, if you are a great individual to work for, your employees are more likely to be loyal.

3. Offer Your Employee Rewards

People will stay with your business only if they have a reason for doing so. It means that, if you wish to keep your good people and ensure that they stay motivated, you should consider initiating an incentive program.

Perhaps it could be a quarterly bonus. Perhaps it is private healthcare. Perhaps it is offering to foot the bill for additional credentials. Or perhaps it is profit-sharing in your business. If your employees know that they will be rewarded for doing a good job they are more likely to do an excellent job and stay to see things through. If you want some more help with matters, then check out this blog at Redline Group – they’ve plenty of great information. .

4. Provide Room for Growth

It is important to provide your employees with room for growth particularly if the business is expanding rapidly since it is a huge motivator. While there’s the dangling carrot of higher pay, there’s also the psychological factor of feeling like they are trusted and respected for their work.

If you are opening a second location, think about the employees best suited for a management role there. If one of your employees does a particularly good job with inventory, you should consider grooming him/her to completely take over vendor relations.

If you provide your best employees with opportunities for growth, it will shift their thinking from “it is just a side job” to “this can actually be a great career.”

5. Share Positive Feedback

It is great to feel fulfilled by your work. It is actually one of the key job satisfaction factors. Satisfaction in your work can come from different places – from knowing that you prepared a perfect cup of coffee to saving the day of a mother by giving her child a great haircut.

If your customers express their appreciation for such things, ensure that you share the feedback with employees. It is particularly easy to do this using Square Feedback. Square sellers often make it a point to share all the positive and encouraging feedback with employees during weekly meetings.

If you let your employees know that they made someone’s day, they will feel good and it will give them a deeper connection to the business. Encourage them to read anonymous motivational stories from site like The Doe.

6. Be Transparent

Having insight into how the business is performing helps make employee more invested. So, ensure that you share this data with them regularly. Fortunately, Square makes this easy. You can send out daily, weekly, or monthly sales reports or even information about the number of new customers versus returning customers.

Having access to such data not only helps employees feel like they are an important part of the business, but it also helps highlight areas in need of improvement.