6 Steps To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Announcing how a super affiliate makes $1,000’s every week. Now he is showing people like you and me how he does it.

He has covered everything in his in-depth book, outlining everything you have to know to succeed.

1. For the person who wants to get into affiliate marketing there are some basic systems you should follow. This is very competitive so you’ll have to learn from someone who has proven themselves.

2. You’ll need to know where to find the best products. Digital one’s are the best as they can be downloaded immediately by your customer. They just love the ability to receive their product within seconds.

3. Everyone should have a lead capture page. All the top guru’s maintain that the money is in the list, so it makes sense to have one. With your lead capture page, you’ll capture their name and email address. This you can use to sell other things of interest.

4. Another tool that is absolutely essential is an auto respsonder. This email software is essential for anyone doing business on the net. The most popular ones are, Aweber and Getresponse.

5. People won’t give you their name and email address unless there’s something in it for them. So what you do is, give them something for FREE, like a FREE report or a PLR product you might have lying around on your computer.

6. With your sign ups, keep in touch all the time. Send them snippets of useful information on the subject their interested in. And every now and then a nice little FREEBIE.

7. Now you should start promoting your site. Without traffic you won’t get any sales, no sales = no income. You don’t want that. You can use Pay Per Click like Google, or you can find email companies that will send out your promo. Or you can do article marketing, which you can find out more at my Squidoo site at:www.squidoo.com/secrets-to-articlemarketing/.

8. Joint ventures, are a very good way to help you in your business. Find ones in the same niche and contact them, and ask them if they’d like to send their list a message about your product. Of course you’re going to have to offer them something.

9. Let me reiterate, check for good products on places like Clickbank or Commission Junction. Pick ones with a good payout, like 50% or more.

10. When this campaign is going well repeat the whole process. To help you fast track this process, there are programs that supply nearly all of the resources you’ll need. Check out my resource box at the bottom to find out more.

Now that you’ve got a good idea on how to get going on affiliate marketing, you can start on your first site. If you’re a little daunted why not check out a good site that walks you through everything. They supply squeeze pages and lots more for you to get started. Check out my blurb at the bottom in the resource box.

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