6 Steps To Stop Yourself From Internet Infidelity

With every good thing the internet has given us it has also given us bad. Internet infidelity is one of those things.

Online infidelity is where you cheat on your wife or husband by looking at porn on the Internet. It could also be a girlfriend chetaing on a boyfriend or vice versa. The Internet is a powerful presence and makes it possible to cheat at almost any place, and any time.

So what can you do to help yourself stay out of the position to do Internet infidelity. Lets take a look and answer that question right now.

1. When you go on your net, be sure and have a reason for going on the Internet. Being lonely or bored is not a good reason to be on the Internet, because it can only get you in trouble. If you have an argument with your significant other then that is not the time to go online.

2. Be honest with yourself. If the Internet is causing you problems with infidelity then you need to address that by admitting that you do have a problem. Only then will you be able to start taking the steps to stop your Internet infidelity.

3. Changer your email address if you are getting contacted by a previous online infidelity. Unsubscribe yourself if you are registered in any chat rooms. And if you use Instant Messenger remove that from your computer.

The same goes for text messaging on your cell phone. And if you use your cell phone for Internet access in any way, be careful not to fall in the trap of Internet fidelity there either.

4. If you use a laptop computer with wireless internet then only go online when you have your computer out in an open space. If you have a destop pc move it out in the open somewhere where you can be seen at all times.

5. Another thing you can do is install computer monitoring or filtering software, which will help prevent you from doing things that you cannot prevent yourself from doing.

6. An obvious things that you can do is spend more time with your spouse, friends, or family. Do more things to get outside such as go to a movie, go shopping, take a walk or ride a bike, attend a sporting event, and so on. These are all things that will help you get up and get away your computer.

This is a list of six things that you personally can do to stop your Internet infidelity. The good news for you is these really will work if you try them.