6 Steps to healing the toxic emotions inside you

Something toxic is festering inside you.

Chronic pain and sadness that has been hurting for so long that you have subconsciously blocked it out. The toxicity continues to eat us from the inside.

It’ll be surprising, what you can uncover when you dig deep to heal yourself. Are you brave enough?

We are used to hurting!

There is a physical analogy for this that I have: A few years ago, a minor spine injury I suffered began hurting so much that I went to a chiropractor. After a few treatments, the pain disappeared.

A week later, my spine started hurting again. At first I thought he didn’t fix the injury properly, and I went back to him feeling cheated. But it wasn’t the case.

The pain I was feeling was in fact the pain that I have been carrying for years prior, caused by poor posture and obesity. I had become so used to it that it didn’t register consciously. The reason it felt like fresh pain to me was because I had been pain-free the week before.

This is the case for emotional pain as well. Much like old physical injuries, they have a way of destroying your body slowly, sometimes without you noticing.

The Tools: Checking deep inside yourself

Do this exercise regularly; at the end of every day is best. The pain comes creeping back in and you have to stop it. Remember, do it even if you feel fine! The mind might have blocked out pain to protect you, but it doesn’t mean the injury isn’t there.

1. The first step to this is to find a quiet space where you can be alone.

2. Watch your breath. Just observe it, feel the air as it enters your nose and goes down your airways into your lungs. It’ll naturally enter deep into your belly. Continue this until you are calm and quiet.

3. Allow yourself to feel safe. For some, gazing at yourself can be scary. But it is nothing you cannot handle, and the results are worth it.

4. Now just invite anything to come into your space. It could be flashbacks, bodily sensations, or an emotional sensation, or a voice expressing what you feel. Most likely it is there already, but you have not noticed it.

5. Don’t fight it. Accept it. Let any emotions bubble up to the front. If you have to laugh, cry, or rage, then do so. Do not suppress it. Let it run until the charge is spent.

6. Once you’ve come out of it, you might want to write down what you experienced or relived.

What to expect

Sometimes you might have bodily sensations, such as tightness in the chest or neck, or a heat, or a dark heavy feeling. Often minor sensations will disappear simply because you have accepted it and begun slow breathing. Stronger emotions run deeper and will require continued work.

True freedom at last

I tried this a few weeks ago, after a long period of emotional work. I had been feeling on top of the world. Surprisingly, I discovered a deep sadness still inside me. This exercise cleared out the rest.

Another time I did this exercise was when I was consciously upset over a recent relationship break-up. I thought I knew the reason I was upset – loneliness and a broken heart – but as I discovered, relationship break-ups often trigger older feelings, such as abandonment and hurt.

Doing this exercise brought back several childhood memories, long forgotten or repressed, that were multiplying the hurt. Identifying them it allowed me to make much headway in clearing out the cobwebs.

Take action!

Clearing out these background resentments will allow you to achieve true, lasting happiness. And what other life is worth living?