6 Steps to Gain Self-Confidence and Destroy Limitations

Nobody’s perfect. Honest. We all have our doubts and limitations, and often we let those hinder our self-confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, through a few simple steps, you can bust through these hindrances, destroy the limitations that hold you back from your potential, and walk through the world with assurance and self-confidence.

EXUDE POSITIVITY – The surest, quickest drain on a conversation is a negative attitude. Nothing sucks the energy and life out of meaningful communication quite like it. So put on your happy face and try to find the things in life worth smiling about when trying to converse with others. Focus on your positive qualities, and remember that your own doubts are your worst enemy.

DETERMINATION – Make a commitment to yourself to be the best you can be, to push past the negativity and embrace a better life. It’s easy to give into the doubts, to resign yourself to the defeats of each day and let pessimism prevail. It actually requires no effort on your part. It takes effort to push past these limitations and achieve your goals. Start with something simple. Identify one small thing you want to change, and keep working until you achieve this goal. Then try a couple of others. Soon, you’ll be making an entire list of goals and crossing each and every one off.

SUPPORT NETWORK – No one does it alone, and no one is expected to. You need to find a support apparatus to help you achieve your goals. If the friends you have now are content to wallow with you in negativity, find new friends. Find a support system that will get you moving forward, into the person you want to be.

CONFIDENCE – A confident person’s possibilities and potential are boundless. As ridiculous as it may sound to say “confidence is the key to self-confidence”, it is actually true – no one can do it for you. It comes from within. It takes perseverance, and will, but with each new goal you achieve you build up confidence.

KILLING FEAR – Fear and doubt are the greatest enemies to building self-confidence. It is incredibly easy to talk yourself out of achievement, of success, because you are afraid to fail, afraid of ridicule, or simply afraid of being wrong. You need to get past these fears, be determined and act with a positive outlook.

PRACTICE – Practice makes perfect. If you fail at a thing, it is far too easy to give up, to let the fear and the doubts win. This is where perseverance comes into play. Keep going, keep striving for your goals. This is the path to self-confidence and pushing past your limitations.