6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary can either be a long hard slog or, if you work smart, an enjoyable task that you can incorporate into your daily routine. A good vocabulary will benefit you greatly in your career, academic endeavors and relationships.
Here are six easy steps you can take to improve your vocabulary. Have fun with them and soon you will be seeing the benefits.

Easy Way #1 – Read
You don’t have to force yourself to read Shakespeare or boring textbooks to improve your vocabulary. Just find books or magazines that you enjoy, and as you read them watch out for new, relevant words to learn.

Easy Way #2 – A word a day
A fun way to grow your vocabulary is to find and learn a new word each day. You could swap words with a friend as a regular game, or sign up for one of the many “Word a day” internet services, or (my favorite) why not select an interesting news site to improve your vocabulary? Make this site your browser home page and browse one or more articles a day looking for a word that you are motivated to learn.

Easy Way #3 – Talk to people!
It sounds obvious but conversation is a wonderful way to build your vocabulary. Just start taking more of an interest in people who you would normally only speak to in passing. You may be surprised to learn a new and valuable word where you least expected.

Not only will you build your vocabulary in new and interesting ways, you will also build a reputation as an interesting and charismatic person, simply by taking an interest in others!

Easy Way #4 – Word games
Try out different word games – scrabble, crosswords, etc. Find one that you really enjoy, and play regularly with friends or family.

Easy Way #5 – Keep special notebooks
Instead of trying to keep a huge book in one place with alphabetical sections and all the words you ever learn (that is what the dictionary is for!), make a collection of small, handy notebooks. Carry one in your handbag or pocket, and leave others dotted around your house in convenient locations. Write down new words and occasionally review a notepad at random.

Easy Way #6 – Get a fun vocabulary software program
You will be amazed by the variety of vocabulary software programs available today. If you pick a good quality program you will find that you can grow your vocabulary in leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time – and have fun in the process.