6 Advantages of Selling Oil and Gas Royalties or Mineral Rights

Ownership of oil and gas royalties or mineral rights is often confusing. These assets can prove to be tricky to own and manage. Whether to sell the property for a lump sum or keep it for the future is a question that many owners are presented with before making their decision.

Are you considering selling your oil and gas royalties or mineral rights? Here’s a list of 6 advantages to selling these rights that you need to know:

1. Accounting issues as well as estate and trust liquidation concerns may at times frustrate owners. In many cases these assets are not easily understood or split between many heirs or beneficiaries. For these reasons, many have considered and benefited greatly from selling these assets for a lump sum and eliminating the risk of ownership all together.

2. Diversify your risk and gain the full present value of your ownership rather than having wild swings in commodity prices and production risks that can affect the value tremendously.

3. Cash is easy to split up among many parties and easier to manage for estates and trusts.

4. Selling your royalty now and enjoying a lump sum payment rather than a small amount over many years thereby putting that cash to work for you now (buying real estate, paying bills, paying off credit card debts, etc.).

5. Income is affected by the price of gas and or oil. The reserves of these assets can be depleted over time and production can cease creating potentially no income benefit at all. Selling your ownership can avoid many of these risks.

6. An estate with mineral or royalty assets can have many tax and income implications. It is cumbersome to maintain records of the interest, royalty and taxes due. When winding down a trust or estate many times the value of the property is much less than the cost to split among heirs or beneficiaries. For these reasons, it benefits many to look into selling or transferring the asset to a third disinterested party.

One needs to be aware of the value of these royalties, their depletion and many other issues having to do with ownership. Attorney fees and the cost to draft conveyances as well as transaction costs all add into the picture for these scenarios. In many cases, it may be best to sell the assets and avoid the uncertainty and these confusing issues facing owners of royalty and mineral rights properties and assets.

If you are seriously considering selling your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties, approach a reputed company that offers fair and honest price. Make sure that the company generates the value quickly and closes the transaction with no middlemen or hidden costs.