50 Affirmations to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Are you ready to feel good about yourself? That is the key to health, happiness, fulfilling relationships, and success.

Negative thoughts hurt your self-esteem and positive thoughts help you feel good. To raise your self-esteem, say, sing, or write the following 50 affirmations (positive thoughts) until they become part of your automatic thinking. It is even more powerful if you add your name.

1. I, your name, am okay even when I am scared.

2. I, ____________, am a worthwhile person.

3. I, ____________, am important.

4. I, ____________, am good enough.

5. I, ____________, am okay.

6. I, ____________, am lovable.

7. I, ____________, am attractive.

8. I, ____________, am intelligent.

9. I, ____________, am creative and intuitive.

10. I, ____________, am competent and talented.

11. I, ____________, am a good person.

12. I, ____________, am wanted and I belong.

13. I, ____________, trust my decisions.

14. I, ____________, accept all my feelings.

15. I, ____________, am expressing my feelings in healthy ways.

16. I, ____________, am releasing my anger into a pillow and others and I are safe.

17. I, ____________, forgive myself for all my mistakes.

18. I, ____________, am forgiving others for all their mistakes.

19. I, ____________, am saying “no” and I am okay.

20. I, ____________, am self-caring and I am there for others.

21. I, ____________, am capable of taking care of myself.

22. I, ____________, am taking control of my life and seeing all of my choices.

23. I, ____________, am taking responsibility for my happiness.

24. I, ____________, am communicating honestly and clearly what I want and need.

25. I, ____________, am listening to what others want and creating win-win solutions.

26. I, ____________, am courageously facing the unknown, even though I am scared.

27. I, ____________, am allowing myself an abundance of love and prosperity.

28. I, ____________, see myself attractive, happy, and healthy.

29. I, ____________, am slim and in control of what I eat and drink.

30. I, ____________, am visualizing myself in a successful career.

31. I, ____________, am successful and people are very happy for me.

32. I, ____________, am modeling success for many people and I’m loved and safe.

33. I, ____________, am successful in my career and in my relationships.

34. I, ____________, am more successful than my parents and they love me.

35. I, ____________, am successful, because I want to be.

36. I, ____________, am prosperous and I am a good, honest person.

37. I, ____________, have an abundance of money and people want to be with me because they like me.

38. I, ____________, am successful and I have enough time for my loved ones and myself.

39. I, ____________, am allowing others to support and care about me.

40. I, ____________, am in a loving relationship and I am free to be me.

41. I, ____________, am in a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

42. I, ____________, am taking time to relax and play and I am productive.

43. I, ____________, am doing things effortlessly.

44. I, ____________, am taking total responsibility for my life and I am having fun.

45. I, ____________, am only responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

46. I, ____________, like myself.

47. I, ____________, love myself.

48. I, ____________, feel peacefully powerful.

49. I, ____________, am creating what I want in my life.

50. I, ____________, believe that I deserve it all.

You sure do! Go for it!