5 Ways to Turn Window-Shoppers into Paying Customers

1.) Make them an offer they can’t refuse:

Give away a Free gift. Like a free ebook. A free consultation. A free gift certificate. A free dinner. A free resource. Free information that is valuable.

In fact, information is one of the most valuable things you can give to someone for Free. And the best part about giving away free information is that it usually doesn’t cost you anything to give it away.

Bottom line is this. If you’re going to make an offer they can’t refuse then make sure its worth it. Make sure its something your target customer wants. If it’s something they want then you will likely be turning another window shopper into a paying customer.

2.) Make your offer for a limited time:

A limited time offer creates a sense of urgency in your targeted customer. You want to make them feel like they have to get it now, or they won’t get it later. It also makes your offer seem more important.

Also, the more specific you are about exactly when the offer ends – the greater sense of urgency you create in your target customer.


Limited time offer: If you call within the next 48 hours you will get (product name) at 50% off.


The next 50 calls will receive a brand new Rolex watch. Ok maybe not a Rolex, but a Timex. But you get the idea.


Click here now… this offer expires at midnight November 22, 2003. (specific time)

3.) Have a call to action:

Tell your prospective targeted customer exactly what to do next. Be directive. Don’t dilly-dally around. Just tell them what to do next. Be careful with this. It is an art. You don’t want to sound demanding like a dictator. There is a way to say it and write it so it almost sounds like a request, but it’s actually a direction.


Call now. (Some people use explanation points here, I don’t! It feels too demanding and could turn your prospective targeted client off and make them feel like you are giving them orders! A period is nice and neutral, but you’re still giving direction.)

Click here now to place your order. (Nice to throw a “you” or “your” in there, it is more reader involved and speaks directly to your perspective targeted customer)

Sign up today. ( ahh, this is ok, but “now” is more immediate then “today.” There are 24 hours in a day, but now is now, and forces your targeted customer to make a decision now, and not sometimes today – maybe later on – maybe never)

4.) Give a concrete “real” Guarantee:

The only Guarantee that is “real” is to offer to give your customer back his money if he or she is not satisfied. Any other kind of guarantee is just meaningless words to your customer.

If you say we guarantee customer satisfaction and quality service, but don’t back it up with a money back guarantee, then you are just talking the talk. If you really want to turn window shoppers into paying customers, then walk the walk, and give a money back guarantee. Studies have shown that the better the guarantee, the less likely the product will be returned.

If you feel you can’t give a “real” guarantee then ask yourself why you can’t. Do you doubt your own product? If you really believe in your product, then back that belief up with some teeth.


A limited guarantee:

Our No-Hassle 30-day Guarantee

Try it out for 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied – send it back – and we will fully refund your money. No questions asked. (I don’t know what’s being sold here, but with a guarantee like that; I’m ready to buy it now.)

A Lifetime Guarantee:

Our lifetime Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied – for any reason – simply return the item and we will fully refund your money on the spot or replace it. No questions asked – no hassles.

It’s important to note here that a guarantee takes all the risk out of it for your customer. Your customer is thinking, I could lose my money. But, if you can make your customer feel like he or she has nothing to lose, then you will be turning window shopper into a paying customer.

5.) Hook your prospective customer with a compelling headline.

A good headline is packed with your #1 or #2 benefit. And it is compelling – addressing a need or want of your prospective customer. The more specific the headline – the better it will pull. Many copywriters and Marketers spend 80-90% of their time working on the headline. Why? Because they know their customers will not even see what they have to offer if they are not drawn in first from a compelling headline.


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