5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Losing Weight

It’s easy to be motivated for one day, or even one week when starting a diet. The challenging part for many is staying motivated for several weeks and months to come to continue losing weight until you reach the weight level you wish to maintain. Healthy weight loss usually takes a several months to achieve, but the rewards with losing weight in a safe and healthy manner are much higher than what you would experience in a fad diet or “get skinny quick” weight loss program.

Here are 5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Losing Weight:

1. Set Specific, Reachable Goals: Many people when desiring to lose weight come up with a general weight loss goal, or one that will take too long to reach. Good diet goals are small and reachable, since the more goals you reach, the more likely you will be motivated to set and reach others. For example, instead of saying “I want to lose 50 pounds” you might start off with smaller goals such as “I will avoid any added sugar this week” or “I will exercise three times a week this week.” By setting small goals, losing weight does not seem nearly as overwhelming.

2. Give Yourself a Reward: Rewarding yourself for reaching your goals can give you an extra incentive to stick to your diet and exercise plan. The rewards do not have to be elaborate to be effective. You can decide if you wish to do something daily, weekly, or monthly and what goals you should be rewarded for. Make sure you also define the reward before you reach your goal – having something specific to look forward to increases your likelihood of sticking to the plan.

3. Enlist Support: Having friends or family members who are supportive and willing to exercise and eat healthy with you can be a great way to stay motivated when losing weight. There are also many blogs and online communities where you can find others to cheer you on to stay motivated.

4. Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones: It is easy to think negatively when losing weight. Instead of thinking “I can’t eat that chocolate cake”, replace it with “I can eat a delicious spinach salad for dinner tonight!” By thinking positively little by little instead of negatively, you will find that you have a much brighter outlook on life.

5. Practice Stress Relief: Stress and the challenges of every day life can often affect us negatively and distract us from reaching our weight loss goals. Learning ways to cope with stress, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises can help you eliminate anything that will squash your motivation to lose weight.

Losing weight does not have to be overwhelming or a burden. Exercising regularly and learning to eat healthy foods can actually be a lot of fun! When you find the right sources of motivation to lose weight, you find yourself staying motivated and being happy with any small achievements you make. Tracking your progress and your goals will help you stay focused and enjoy your new healthy lifestyle much more!