5 Ways To Begin Your At-Home Teen Weight Loss Program

This is hardly the first place to discuss adolescent obesity. Teen obesity weights have jumped dramatically in the last two decades – in 1980, 5% of teens were characterized as overweight, but today it’s more like 15%. We have a basic idea of what led to this 10% increase, so we also know where to start fighting adolescent obesity. A growth of fast food industries, television, and lack of exercise are all primary contributors – and also the first place to begin with teen weight loss.

Feeling comfortable with one’s own body image is imperative for most teenagers. But it’s more than just looking good. An obese teen is almost certainly to become an obese adult, and complications with the heart, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea are all real-world consequences of obesity. The teenage years are the best chance at a healthier weight and lifestyle. Try these 5 steps first when beginning an effort of teen weight loss:

1.) Rely On The Family

Overweight teens often feel excluded from many peer activities because of their weight. Their family should be both the driving force behind them to lose weight and a place of comfort and security. Parents should both encourage their child to pursue their weight loss efforts and let them know they are loved despite their physical appearance. They can offer support, or just an ear to a child’s difficulties – and substantially ease the burdens and challenges a teen faces.

2.) Ensure Exercise

Exercise is, put simply, an imperative. Lack of exercise is the reason most teens find themselves overweight in the first place. Starting to exercise regularly is easier than it sounds, though. Tackle teen weight loss with a familiar activity, even if it’s just a game like basketball or baseball. Later, perhaps a gym membership or regular walking or running is the way to go. Exercise is also a place where a family can play a crucial role, for in many cases, a teenager may not feel comfortable exercising with their peers. But the most important thing is consistency – get active and stay active.

3.) Focus On Food

A little broad? Avoiding fast food and over-processed snackfoods is a start. Often, it’s simply a matter of eating from all five food groups, and not overeating. Family can help an adolescent plan out a meal strategy for weight loss, one that incorporates healthy eating practices and reduced calorie intake. Try eating at home more often, where a teen (and family) has more control over what’s on their plate. Whatever the particular tack, staying aware of diet is key.

4.) Forget The Soft Drinks

All the name-brand sodas on television and advertisements are full of sugar and excess calories. Choose water, or more natural juices. Pediatrics, a leading medical journal for pre-adults, recently published a study revealing that cutting out soft drinks can reduce calorie intakes from beverages by 80% – so soft drinks are not a bad place to begin.

5.) Switch Off The TV

Inactivity sustains obesity, and watching television for hours on end is no way to make teen weight loss happen. Find other, more active pastimes, like school-sponsored athletics, or just getting outdoors. Cutting out television completely isn’t necessary, but limiting its use during the day can only help.

Teen weight loss often require a strong-minded lifestyle change, but is completely within the realm of every teenager. Try beginning with these 5 steps to start, and see where it takes an adolescent. They’ve only got to begin.