5 Warning signs you may need debt consolidation

1) You are making only the minimum payment to your creditors
If you are only making the minimum payments to your credit cards, it will be almost impossible to ever pay off the balance. If you can’t pay off your entire balance every month, you should make as large a payment as possible each billing cycle.

2) You are using one credit card to pay off another
If you use one credit card to pay off another, the money you owe will only grow over time It would better if you stop using a credit card altogether until you have the balance paid off.

3) You take out cash advances to pay your other bills
Credit card cash advances should only be used for emergencies, because the interest rate is very high – frequently over 20%. If you find yourself doing this alot maybe you need to join a credit counseling program to help you get rid of your debt.

4) You start to hide purchases you make from your family
If you are hiding purchases from your spouse or family members, you may have a debt problem. They will soon find out

5) You are receiving collection calls or letters from your credit card companies
If you have started to receive calls or letters about unpaid debt, you’re in the early stages of serious trouble. You need a plan right now to start repaying your debts.

If you answered “yes” to any of the five warning signs, you need to act now to reduce your debt. The longer you wait the worse it will get.

Why will creditors lower my interest rates for you?
Creditors realize that we are many times the last resort for many people and they would prefer not assigning the account to the collection agency. They also realize that we work with people on debt management and budgeting. Since you have made a commitment to us, they feel that you are a better candidate to make monthly payments to us as opposed to filing bankruptcy. We also eliminate an awful lot of paperwork for the creditors and they appreciate that.

Debt Consolidation Clients May Receive the Following Benefits:
-Elimination of past-due collection calls
-Choice of payment dates and payment options
-Monthly Newsletter – Dollars & Sense
-Waived late fees
-Reduced or elimination of high interest rates
-One Low monthly payment – dispersed to all creditors on KCC program
-Financial Responsibility Education
-Cut Payments up to 70%
-Make One Low Monthly Payment
-Fast one hour approval
-Elimination of past-due collection calls
-Account re-aging