5 Vemma Success Tips That Will Dramatically Increase Your Results

Vemma can be a lucrative opportunity if you know how to take advantage of modern day recruiting methods. However, if you don’t understand the basic principles of network marketing success, then you’re going to run into problems when you’re building your team. I wanted to give you five quick tips that will dramatically increase your Vemma success.

Vemma success tip #1: Make a commitment that you’re going to stick with your Vemma business for a minimum of one year or more when you get started in your marketing efforts. Recently, I sponsored a distributor into my business who has been a professional painter his whole life. Although he’s had a successful background in his adult life, he’s never done any kind of network marketing before. Expect a learning curve of 3-6 months to learn everything you need to know to be successful, and don’t look back until you’ve created at least a basic level of success.

Vemma success tip #2: Understand that in Vemma, you only make money from 3 things (regardless of what anyone says). You make money from recruiting distributors, selling products, and organizational production. Don’t participate in any activity, ever that won’t make you money. This is a business, not a charity, and it’s not a school. You need to stay focused on core business building activities, which are recruiting and marketing product.

Vemma success tip #3: Learn how you can market your business professionally in a way that attracts customers to you. It’s kind of funny, but I sponsored a guy into my downline last week who has spent 19 years marketing his real estate business to where his customers call him, and then he got involved in the MLM profession and started chasing his friends and family to get involved. I had a conversation with him about it and when he realized what he was doing, he broke down laughing. Learn how to attract people into your business by positioning your business in front of people who are already looking for what you have, and it takes convincing out of your business equation.

Vemma success tip #4: I mentioned before that you should be focusing on sales and recruiting, and let me clarify that for you. You need to have a goal of personally recruiting at least one new distributor per day into your business for the next year. If you sponsor one new team member per day, you’ll reach critical momentum so fast you won’t even be able to keep track of what’s going on. Focus 90% of your energy first on marketing to attract prospects to you, then on sponsoring to draw talent into your organization and your business will absolutely explode.

Vemma success tip $5: Get a system set in place that trains your new people for you on how to create wealth through this opportunity. If you don’t have a team system, you’re going to experience frustration, doubt, and your team won’t be able to grow quickly in the earliest stages of its development. Get a system that teaches people how to market, generate leads, follow up with prospects, and enroll new distributors and then get to work. It’s amazing how much a simple duplicable system will make a difference, and you’ll be well on your way to massive Vemma success.