5 Top Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Treadmill

Ensuring you stay fit and healthy involves not only eating well, but also exercising regularly. Treadmill training is becoming an increasingly popular way to ensure you stay in shape, take your fitness to the next level or even just ensure that you keep your heart healthy. Whether you use a treadmill at the gym or you have one at home, using the tips provided in this article will ensure you get the most out of the time you spend on a treadmill.

Set Targets

Target setting is one of the most integral parts of success – without targets it is hard to ensure you get the most out of anything. When setting targets you need to be careful to be realistic, if you aim too high you will end up missing your targets and feeling demoralized to the stage that your success will come under jeopardy. One great way to ensure that you always stick to your targets is to increase them in increments as your fitness improves. So for example, if you start off doing 10 minutes a day, then you could gradually increase that by an additional 2 minutes at a stage when you feel capable.

Keep Hydrated

When working out staying hydrated is important for a number of reasons, not least your general health but also as a means of ensuring you can push your body to new levels. Although staying hydrated is important, like wise drinking too much could leave you feeling bloated and lead to cramps. You should always have a water bottle beside your treadmill as you exercise and try to take drinks regularly in small amounts.

Warm Up

If you usually run at a speed of 10km per hour peak then simply going on the treadmill and starting off at this pace is not the best approach to take. You should start off at a gentle walk, build into a fast walk and then into a jog or run. Without warming up your muscles do not get a chance to warm up and you may run the risk of straining yourself.

Push Yourself

To ensure you get the most out of your treadmill training it is best that you push yourself towards the end; just before your warm down. For example, when you reach the end of your training session you should up the pace and see how long you can go for. This burst of anaerobic exercise will help to increase your stamina and will ensure you push your body to the absolute maximum level that it can take.

Warm Down

When working out on a treadmill it is important that you work down towards the end. One great way to do this is gradually slow down the speed that you are doing by in increments over a 5 minute period. Without doing a warm down you may find you will feel strained and recover from exercise slower than you otherwise would.