5 Tips To Make Learning To Read Easier

Just learning to read is not enough if your child is going to compete in the modern information society. Becoming a good or excellent reader is the key to your child’s future.

Kids who enjoy reading often read 2-3 books a week, the same as some children read in months. So the advantage they have is increasing all the time.

But here are some tips for making reading more fun for your child, which will soon turn it into a pleasure. We use all of them in our Easyread System, which gets extremely fast results:

TIP 1 – Avoid Early Reading Books

You probably think I’m nuts now! But we have seen so many children who have travelled down the wrong path, because of early reading books. It isn’t the right way for a child to first start reading.

We all use whatever seems the simplest solution to a problem. If you have a bright kid, then the simplest option will seem to be to memorise the words that keep appearing in an early reader book. But, as the vocabulary increases, that gets steadily harder and you will see more and more guessing.

In due course, you will see an implosion of confidence and a total reluctance to do any more reading at all.

TIP 2 – “Dimensionalise” the Phonemes

We use 43 phonemes (the little sounds within words) to create every word in English. You can find them at the beginning of any dictionary. Your child needs to know them, to make learning to read easier.

But phonemes are non-physical, abstract objects and very hard for your child to remember. So what we do is create strong visual characters to represent each one. For instance, for the sounds of the letter A we have the ants in pink pants, the ape in a cape and the ark in the park. Those are things your child can visualise and so remember.

The majority of your child’s memory capacity is visual.

TIP 3 – Play These Games

So what should you use rather than a book?

We find games like these work well:

Build-A-Word. Select 6 plastic letters, including two vowels. Repeat the main sound of each one. Then think of a simple word for your child to write with them.

Select-A-Word. Write three very similar words, like hat, mat and map. Say one of them and ask your child to select which one it is.

Nonsense Words. Using your plastic letters again, write a nonsense word, like leb, kib, teg, vod. Ask your child to try to read it.

Easyread-I-Spy. Play the classic “I spy with my little eye…” game. But instead of using the first letter of the name of the object, use the first sound instead.

TIP 4 – Less is More

You want to maximise the success of your child, so limit a reading session to 10-15 minutes maximum.

TIP 5 – Try Easyread TrainerText

TrainerText is a unique system that we use to allow a child to read without needing help. Just write the text with the images for the phonemes that you have created in Tip 2 floating above each word.

That will stop your child from getting stuck and is great for building confidence.

We see a new level of enthusiasm from day 1 and a leap in confidence over the first 3 weeks using these techniques. If you employ them, I am sure you will quickly see the difference.