5 Tips On Choosing Digital Hearing Aids

If you find yourself hard of hearing, do not fear. Millions of people suffer from some type of hearing loss. Hearing aids are now better than ever but choosing one can be a little overwhelming.

Here are 5 tips on choosing digital hearing aids.

1. Style
Hearing aids come in various styles. The type and degree of hearing loss determine the style that works best for you. Consult with an audiologist who can advise on a suitable style for your hearing loss.

There are 5 main styles of hearing aid.

CIC – Completely in the ear canal hearing aid fits deep into the ear canal and is not visible. These are super-small devices. One drawback is that the tiny size prohibits many features.

ITC – In the canal hearing aid fits partially into the ear canal although not as deep as the CIC style.

ITE – In the ear hearing aid fits into the outer edge of the ear. While this style may be more visible it is also easier to handle and insert.

BTE – Behind the ear hearing aid attaches to the outer ear and rests on the back of the ear. It is making a revival partially because of its similar shape to cell phone headsets and the style lends itself to improved hearing.

Open fit hearing aid is similar to BTE hearing aid but smaller. It uses a small tube to send sound into the ear canal.

2. Basic features
All hearing aids have the same basic features. A microphone is used to pick up the sounds for amplification. The amplifier increases the volume of the sounds. A speaker is used to provide sounds into the ear canal to be heard. All hearing aids run on battery power. The frequency with which the battery needs to be changed will depend on the number of features, the size and amount of use.

3. Digital or analog
Analog used to be the standard hearing aid and the first type that was available. As technology advanced digital hearing aids were born. These started out being quite expensive. Today, however, the prices have become quite affordable making the analog styles all but obsolete.

4. Accessories
A remote control is handy to easily control volume and make other adjustments. Directional microphones help to pick up sounds that come from various directions. Adapters enable your hearing aid to be used with your telephone and cell phone.

5. Hearing aid brands
When choosing a hearing aid, always purchase a reputable brand. Consider how long the hearing aid manufacturer has been in business as well as their guarantee and warranties. Siemens, Phonak, Starkey, Widex and Rexton offer some of the highest quality hearing aids in the market. Shop around, compare various brands and prices to find a digital hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and budget.