5 Tips for Prolonged Eye Contact, Smiling, Flirting

Want to know the secrets of prolonged eye contact, smiling, flirting?

If I were to expand the process to five steps, I would express it thusly:

1. Make eye contact.

Holding another person’s gaze sends a powerful message that you are interested in him or her. If you catch someone’s eyes from across the room and make prolonged eye contact, be sure to…

2: Smile.

Smiling is the best way to communicate friendliness and self-confidence, two qualities which are seen as sexy by the opposite gender.

3. Use an opening line.

Opening lines don’t have to be smug or flippant. In fact, researchers have found that the simple, straightforward approach is best.

The simplest, most straightforward opening line is simply, “Hi.”

Another option is, “I feel a little embarrassed about this, but I’d like to meet you.”

Do not, however, constantly pester someone for days after they have turned you down. This is a turn off.

4. Expand the conversation by telling a little about yourself.

Something as simple as “I’m new to this area and I thought I would try a different restaurant” can work.

5. Encourage the other person to open up and to really talk about him or herself, and whatever interests he or she has.

Most importantly, put the other person on a pedestal. Use his or her name. Make him or her feel important. Give him or her your undivided attention and ask questions.

A tip given by university psychiatrist Danilo Ponce is to pay compliments—and make them personal. “Don’t compliment a woman’s earrings—compliment her beautiful smile,” he says.

Of course, appearing graceful and relaxed, as in every social interaction, is of utmost importance in flirting.