5 Things to make the most of summer break

You finish your last final, pack up your stuff and head home. Problem is, what do you do once you get home? You have nothing lined up except for going to the movies, hanging out with friends and spending plenty of time at the pool. So what will your summer be made of? Here are 5 things to do to help your future and keep you busy.
1. Get a summer job. While it may not be your favorite place to work, a summer job will give you some extra cash to spend or save up when you get back to school with expensive textbooks and figuring out how you would feed yourself each week. If you had job in high school that you would return to, see if that is a place you could return to work at in the summer. You can also work at a summer camp, nanny or find a summer job through your university. With college loan payments only a few years away, it is a good idea to make some money now to cover the expensive cost of school later.
2. Find an internship. Most majors require an internship in your field of study before graduation, and summer is the perfect time to meet that requirement. You can choose the option of an internship close to school or home or even travel around the world. If you want to get your first choice, it is important to apply early. So you can start looking now for next summer or apply for internships that take place during the school year.
3. Earn some credits. Working ahead is something many students covet yet struggle to do. Summer classes are an option if you want to graduate early or get back on track to earning your degree in four years. There are a variety of options—through your school, local community college or online education. Your school is convenient but likely more expensive than the other two options, while a community college and online classes are the more affordable choices. Just make sure that you can transfer the credits you take during summer to your college or university.
4. Create a summer reading list. Just because you won’t be reading your favorite textbooks for the next couple of months doesn’t mean you should stop reading. Make a list of books you want to read, such as some of the classics or on topics of interest to you. Reading a good book in the hammock or at the pool in the afternoon is something you won’t regret.
5. Volunteer. There are opportunities everywhere to help out in your community. Local youth organizations, homeless shelters, the parks department and others offer chances to help kids and people in need. Few things are more rewarding than doing work for others that matters and puts a smile on people’s faces. Plus, who knows? It could lead to a job in the future.
Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t find yourself eating pizza, playing video games and watching DVDs all summer. There are plenty of opportunities out there, so find the one that fits you.