5 surprising sources of inspiration

Where do you go to find inspiration? The Internet? The Bible? Magazines or TV shows?

Inspiration is all around, if you know where to look. When your life is chugging along slowly, without much enthusiasm, try these five places to put it back into high gear.

1. The newspaper comic page.

Comics are one of the sweetest treats in life, like a Godiva chocolate for your mind. Reading the comics will not only provide you with much-needed laughter, but it will remind you that simple things can make a big difference. Speak a word of encouragement to someone, give a person a genuine compliment or just tell them you appreciate them. People are starving for kindness and recognition. The comics will remind you that even the simplest act can help lift someone up.

2. Your country’s flag.

No matter what country you live in, millions of patriotic men and women before you made sacrifices so you can enjoy a better life. Every time you see a flag, let it inspire you to vote, conserve energy or resources, or volunteer. Your country will be made stronger for the generations who follow you.

3. Trees and plants.

Plants, and especially large trees, are studies in perseverance. They send out roots and leaves to seek the nutrients and sunlight they need to survive. Let them inspire you to keep trying and searching for whatever you need in life to thrive.

4. Appliances and electronics.

Every man-made device you see in your home or at work started with an idea in someone’s mind. Often it took the inventor years of struggle and development to make his dream a reality. If they succeeded, you can too. Every new idea is attacked by critics and naysayers. But when you look at your car, television, or refrigerator, let these successful products remind you that with enough hard work, dreams do come true.

5. A school building.

When you see a school, think about all the teachers who dedicated their lives to your education. Remember too, that learning is a lifelong process. Curiosity keeps you young, while learning gives you direction. Thanks to the Internet and public libraries, you can become an expert in whatever subject you choose. When you see a school, be inspired to keep learning and creating new opportunities for yourself.