5 surefire ways to regain your enthusiasm

Has your enthusiasm for life dwindled down to nothing? Does it feel as if your world has turned gray, flat, and dull?

We all go through periods when the pep and excitement we had in our younger years seems to have disappeared. But your life doesn’t have to stay that way. Here are five simple steps you can take to rekindle your enthusiasm.

1. Become an expert at something.

You have a favorite subject, whether it’s some aspect of sports, a hobby, or culture. Resolve to become an expert on your favorite subject. Read books and magazines, check out pertinent web sites, and write letters to recognized authorities in that field. If you ask short, specific questions, they may just write you back. Get some three-ring binders for your notes and clippings. If you focus sharply on your favorite subject and research it voraciously, within five years you’ll be a world expert on it.

2. Interrupt your routine.

Often we do the same things over and over without consciously thinking about it. Try some new recipes. Eat at different restaurants. Go places you’ve never been before. The old cliche, “Variety is the spice of life” has been around so long because it’s true. When you deliberately make new choices, you open yourself up to a wealth of exciting experiences.

3. Imagine it all gone.

If you’ve become complacent about everything you have, from your family to your job to your possessions to your health, imagine that you lost it all. Then imagine getting it all back! You’ll develop a new sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life. You’ll realize that you are more fortunate than you thought and that you have much to be thankful for.

4. Become a secret super hero.

You don’t need a cape or costume to do heroic deeds. Give anonymous gifts and donations. Do something uplifting for someone who is down, but don’t let them know who’s behind it. Your compassion and kindness will renew that person’s faith in mankind. And you’ll get excited planning your next heroic deed!

5. Always have something to look forward to.

Anticipation puts the thrill back into life. If you have some fun event in your future–and it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate–you’ll feel like a child waiting for Christmas morning. And as soon as you enjoy your special treat, schedule another one, so you’ll always have something great to look forward to.