5 Strategies For Successful Teen Weight Loss

Adolescent obesity has skyrocketed in recent years. During the 1980s, adolescent obesity rates hung at around 5%, but today they are close to 15%, according to the National Center of Health Statistics. This 10% increase can be linked to a number of developments in the past two decades, such as more television and less healthy foods, but something can be done about this as well. Teen weight loss can happen, with focused commitment, the right kind of natural weight loss supplements and family help and support.

For many teenagers, physical appearance is a vital attribute. More importantly, however, obesity during the teenage years can lead to obesity as an adult, and continuing health problems as a result of being overweight. Heart problems, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea are all products of obesity, and are no way to live a healthy life. Take a look at these five strategies, though, and a healthier life begins to become clear:

1.) Family Encouragement – A family can play a crucial role in helping a teenager lose weight. Frequently, an overweight teen feels shut out from the world of their peers due to their appearance, as well as the inability to participate in physical activities. Because of this, a supportive and encouraging home is indispensable, and can go a very long way in helping a teen deal with issues of weight loss. Parents should let their teenager know that they are loved, despite whatever they may feel about their physical appearance, and that their efforts to lose weight are believed in. If a teen wants to talk about any problems they are encountering, let them – it can only help.

2.) Turn Off the TV – Inactivity is one of the primary causes of obesity, and the television is one of the primary causes of inactivity. Eliminating television is likely too severe a measure, but limiting its use during the day could encourage other activities that are more healthy. Help come up with fun physical activities, such as sports like fishing, spending time in the outdoors, or just going for a walk.

3.) Forget About Sugary Soft Drinks – All those name-brand sodas, in addition to being highly popularized, are full of chemicals and sugar. Put simply, they aren’t good for you. The medical journal Pediatrics recently published a study revealing that removing over-sugared soft drinks can assist in teen weight loss by cutting beverage calories by up to 80%. Try real fruit juices instead.

4.) Watch the Food – Not all food is created equal. Eating fast food and easily accessible, over-processed snack food is the surest way to an unhealthy, and overweight, lifestyle. Stop stopping at fast food joints and think about eating something more wholesome, like a balanced meal at a restaurant or something cooked at home. For that matter, ensure a daily intake of fruits and vegetables – they provide many necessary vitamins and nutrients that help burn excess calories, and maintain high energy throughout the day.

5.) Exercise Regularly – Exercise is key. If a teenager never gets to the gym or goes outside, then the hope in losing weight immediately begins to pale. Without a consistent amount of exercise, excess calories can never be burned. But ultimately, more important than any appearance or expectation, exercising helps maintain a strong and healthy body. A body without any related health issues.

Teen weight loss is a challenge, but not an impossibility. Losing weight as an adolescent may require a lifestyle change, but doing so will lead to a longer, happier life. Developing a healthy lifestyle as a teenager can only mean a healthy lifestyle as an adult.