5 Simple Ways to Be Happy

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about circumstances or being in a state of unrest? Here are five simple ways by which you can rid yourself of the negative emotions and be happy:

1.) Practice Living in the Now: Worrying about the future is not going to change the future. Similarly what has happened in the past is over and cannot be undone by thinking about it. Learn from your mistakes and let go of the past. Similarly make your plans and stop worrying about the future. Instead practice living in the now. Living in the now implies, bringing all your attention to the present moment. Remember that even when you think you are living in the present moment, it is natural for your brain to wander and sooner or later you will find yourself thinking about the future or past again. But don’t worry about it. It is enough if you can bring yourself to live in the now just for a few minutes everyday. As time passes you will find yourself automatically living in the present moment.

By living in the now, you will be able to concentrate better, increase your productivity and tackle problems with ease.

2.) Meditate: Meditation is the process of self realization. The goal of meditation is to focus inside your body. To practice meditation, sit in a comfortable area that has low noise levels. You can consider switching off the fan, A/C or other appliances that might create noise. Once you are in a silent atmosphere, just sit down and focus your attention on your breath. Feel the air go in and out of your lungs. Now shift this attention to your heart. Feel your heart beating constantly. Be thankful to your heart for beating non-stop all your life, pumping the much needed blood to the various parts of your body. Similarly shift your attention to various parts of your body including the stomach, hands, legs, mouth and finally the mind. Once your focus is in your mind, observe the various thought patterns that your mind produces. Just focus on the thoughts without making any attempts to suppress the thoughts. Feel the thoughts slowly fade away leaving an empty and calm mind. Now focus your attention at the center of your forehead and hold it there for the rest of your meditation.

There are different ways to meditate but the main purpose of any kind of meditation is to go inside your body rather than what you normally do. In a day to day life you only focus on the external forgetting the internal. Meditation helps you complete the cycle by helping you focus on the internal.

Practice meditation at-least twice everyday.

3.) Practice Pranayama Yoga: There are many simple Yoga exercises that can be extremely beneficial in re-energizing the body, mind and soul. The best of these practices is the Pranayama breathing exercises. These breathing exercises are easy to master and can immensely benefit the body if done on a regular basis. Practicing Pranayama on an empty stomach early in the mornings can bring you in a positive state of mind ensuring that your entire day is fruitful and filled with energy and vigor.

4.) Sleep Well: The secret to sleeping well is to go to bed at the same time everyday. If your current pattern of sleeping is uneven, you will find difficulty in going to sleep. There are chances that you might spend restless hours in bed trying to go to sleep. During these restless hours the mind might think up all kinds of unwanted thoughts. If you are suffering from this situation, then don’t let it continue. Put an end to it by following an even sleeping pattern. Go to bed at the same time everyday. Also follow other similar patters before you go to bed. Like reading a book for a few minutes or listing to light music or even meditating. With time, your body will start identifying these patterns and will be in a better position to know when to go to sleep.

5.) Eat Healthy: Eating unhealthy food is a sure way to trigger negative thoughts in your mind. Cut down on oily, salty and sugary food items. Most importantly, cut down on junk food and fizzy drinks. These foods are best enjoyed once month or every two weeks and are not meant to be eaten on a daily basis. Stick to your traditional food. Eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits.