5 Simple Steps on How to Write Articles for Maximum Results

The most common problem that most of the website faces is lack of traffics. You may not know it that writing an article for publication in ezines and article directories is still one of the effective and easy ways to continue bringing traffic to your site after your article has been approved and appeared online. If this traffic method is used in a proper way, this definitely will be one of the unstoppable traffic generators for your online business.

One thing we should know is we don’t have to be a great writer in order to write an article that will get good readership. You can find that some articles are actually not well written and even contain less than 200 words but those are top downloaded articles in article directory such as goarticles.com. Your article could be featured in top viewed article list on the article directory as long as the topic you are writing about is popular and some basic rules have been followed. The following are some steps that should be followed in order to write a good article that will attract attention and result in more traffic and sales for your business.

STEP 1 – Attention Grabbing Headline

You must grab the attention of the reader first. People tend to scan the title and the first few lines before they are committed to read the entire article. Let them know what the article is about in a way that makes them want to delve into it for more information. Two classic ways to make a good title are to use a “How to” format, such as, “How to build a huge opt-in list fast and easy ways”, and the “Tips” format, one of the example such as this: “7 surefire ways to get more free traffics to your website”.

STEP 2 – Use an Interesting Opening Sentence to Grab Your Reader’s Attention

The next most important part of writing your article is to attract the reader with a powerful first sentence. This will keep them interested to continue reading for more information. Two of the most effective ways to hook your reader is to ask a question or to tell a fact.

A question should stimulate the curiosity of the reader to find out the answer by reading on. If you state a fact, you must make it the basis for the rest of your article.

STEP 3 – Discuss The Main Points in The Body of The Article

This is the section where you provide the content of you article, and the solutions or answers to the problem that you are discussing in your article. Your purpose here is to educate and inform. Address each problem and follow it with the solution. Or if you are giving tips to your reader, you can list each tip in the order that best solves their problem.

STEP 4 – Summary and Call to Action

Summarize the points that you have discussed in the article and the effect of applying the tips or steps given. In this section, you should also urge your reader why it is important for them to take action now. Give a bonus or two to increase the chance of responding immediately. This can be a link that directs them to your website or newsletter. After all, this was the primary purpose of your article.

STEP 5 – Include a Powerful Resource Box at The Bottom of Your Article

A resource box for promoting your website, eBook, eCourse or affiliate program is indispensable in each of the article that you are submitting to article directories. The resource box provides the reader with another way of getting more information. This will spur the traffic to your promotion as more people read your article. This is ideal to create a resource box with no more than 3-6 lines of text that tells who you are and what you are offering to the reader.

The above 5 steps if applied accordingly will help ensure that you have an article that people will find it interesting to read on and then visit your website. Refer to this easy 5-step format when you write articles and fill in the details with your own information. Then distribute your articles to ezine and article directories in your business niche. This will result in more targeted traffic to your website and increased visibility of your business.