5 simple secrets to keep you looking young without costing you a dime.

1. Relax! Look in the mirror after a hard day, what do you see? I can guarantee that you see a more haggard reflection than you than you did that same morning. Everyday your brain releases stress hormones and over time these increase your blood pressure and weakens your immune system. So if you’re blood pressure is at an already high level, then this is an absolute must for you. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage that increases blood flow, releases tension and smoothes away all of the day’s troubles. If getting a massage is impossible, then a long hot soak in the tub, with bubbles, candles and some inspiring but relaxing music will do the trick.

2. Pull in that stomach. This is such a simple little exercise we can do anywhere, at anytime of day. Heres what you do: sit or stand and pull your stomach in so that you feel as though it is going to touch your spine and hold it there for as long as you can, but for at least 15 seconds. This will over time and if done often enough, will retrain your lower abdominal muscles to give you a much more toned look and will improve your posture dramatically. Aim to do this at least 6 times everyday initially and increasing up to 20 times as you feel your abs starting to firm up.

3. Prevent skin dryness. Our skin has a natural protective barrier called the acid mantle. It helps prevent dryness, wrinkles and sensitivity caused by water loss. It also helps protect against the free radicals in the air, dirt and pollution. So, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help keep your biggest body organ (your skin) hydrated and looking fantastic.

4. Lose weight. Being overweight by 10 pounds which is approximately a dress size, adds years to your looks. With the extra weight, the definition between your jaw line and neck is lost. The extra weight can make you look frumpy, old and at worse unfashionable! If you are calorie counting then make sure you are consuming about 2000 calories a day for optimum health. A lot of women are now looking at the 10 day diets. These can work but remember, depending on how much overweight you are now, the first 10lbs can be the easiest to lose but also the easiest to put back on again.

5. Mediterranean Diet. It is by no coincidence that if you know anyone that has a mediterranean blood line (Italian/Spanish), that their skin will be beautiful, soft and supple. You will find that they tend to eat a lot of Olives, Oil, Oily Fish, fruit and brightly coloured vegetables will boost your levels of antioxidants that help keep you healthier overall. So, when at the store next, replace some of the foods that you buy regularly with some of these.

There you go, just a few ideas to keep fit and healthy on almost no budget at all.