5 Reasons Why You Should Recycle

Recycling is the process of reusing natural resources or man made resources which slows down consumption and subsequent depletion. Although many people and organizations are doing a lot to encourage recycling, most people are not doing enough. If everyone done there part then not only would the earth’s limited resources last longer, but the earth as a whole and everyone on it would benefit as a result.

Recycling Saves Trees and Wildlife Habitat – Around 95% of forest areas in the USA have been cut down, and around 50% worldwide. This is only going to get worse as regions of the world become more commercialized and as shortages increase the value that can be generated from cutting them down. With the decrease in forest areas, wildlife that previously lived in forest areas has nowhere to go and as such wildlife dies as a result.

Recycling Cuts Toxic Chemical Consumption and Slows Down Global Warming – Toxic chemicals can be reused from already consumed products meaning that the need to cause further harm from their creation can be reduced and even avoided completely in the case of many chemical products. The creation of products which involve using natural resources such as fossil fuels that burn carbon dioxide is not needed for a large amount of products. For example, glass can easily be recycled but is not being done as much as it could because it is not as cost-effective for manufacturers.

Recycling Can Help Curb Water Pollution – Water pollution is caused by a variety of factors, however the most prominent of these is in the manufacturing process where water is used to help make products, and it is then polluted before being put back into water reservoirs, lakes and the ocean. This is, for the most part, an unnecessary evil which could be stopped and reduced by using removed parts of the manufacturing process through using already created raw materials and manufacturer’s materials which form the essence of products that have already been consumed.

Recycling Stops the Continued Growth of Landfill Sites – Landfill areas give off chemicals into the air and pollute water that is under the ground as well as causing acid rain from their evaporation. This is something which could be stopped by putting less chemicals and pollutants into the ground, and instead reusing them to make products which humans consume and use.

Recycling Creates Prosperity in the Economy – Recycling creates new jobs through adding new dimensions to the economy as well as creating work for specialist companies that consult on recycling; waste management companies who split waste into reusable and non reusable parts; and increased margins for companies that use finite resources. In a study conducted by the Conversation Commission it was found that in 12 Southern States of the United States over $18Billion was created by the recycling industry alone. Considering the small fraction of the earth’s population that accounts for, recycling creates opportunities world wide and also reduces the inherent state costs of dealing with pollution, which in turn increases the amount of money that the private sector and individuals have and can potentially generate as a result.