5 reasons why you should exercise during pregnancy

Wouldn’t it be great if during your pregnancy…

You were able to maintain your fitness, your health and (most of all) your figure without piling on unnecessary pounds and losing your motivation to peel yourself off of the sofa? During pregnancy your body experiences dramatic physiological changes that require a carefully designed exercise program. But why should you exercise during pregnancy?

Reason 1: Women who exercise have shorter and easier births at the ‘pushing stage’

There is some research that shows that women who exercise have a shorter second stage of labour (pushing stage). However labour is very individual and can last for 1hour up to 2 days. Fitter women cope better with the labour they are given.

Reason 2: Women who exercise reportedly feel more positive and have more energy after the birth. Are you ready to have the healthiest pregnancy possible?

Women who have exercised with us tell us constantly that their labours were so manageable thanks to our Pregnancy Exercise Plan. We love to hear this but also know that it their ability to cope that is improved by exercise so that even a hard labour feels easier when you are fit and strong. Women who exercise do have healthier pregnancies- they gain less weight, suffer less back and pelvic pain, sleep better and eat better. They are happier, less likely to suffer depression and all round healthier.

Reason 3: A strong pelvic floor can assist your birth

If the muscle tone is strong and like a piece of new elastic they will have the ability to stretch to allow a baby to pass through during childbirth and return to normal afterwards. If they are not exercised they may become over stretched and weak; and their ability to contract strongly and quickly reduced or lost. During pregnancy the relaxin hormone will affect the pelvic floor to enable it to stretch adequately during childbirth. After childbirth the pelvic floor muscles are stretched, weakened and bruised, so pelvic floor exercise are important to help tone the muscles to prevent greater damage.

Reason 4: You can benefit from exercising even if you are new to starting a exercise program or if you have exercised very little prior to becoming pregnant.

Provided there are no medical reasons non exercisers may begin our program during pregnancy. The majority of women who exercise in pregnancy are doing so for the first time because they make the decision to begin a healthier life habit now that they are pregnant. Always exercise with a program that is run by correctly qualified trainers who know how to ease you into a new program.

Reason 5: After birth, the babies of women who exercised were slightly leaner than those who did not

A lot of hype in the media has made claims that women who exercise have smaller babies. Is a bigger baby better if it only has more fat? In addition babies born of women who exercise do not differ in their organ size or bone lengths. Studies of the babies (born to women who exercised during their pregnancies) at 1 and five years of age showed at one year of age exercisers babies scored higher on standardised intelligence tests than children of mothers who did not exercise. Their mental and physical performance scored higher as well. At age five children of exercises were less fat and scored much higher on tests of general intelligence and oral language skills than the children born to non-exercisers. Further studies have shown that children born to exercising mothers are less likely to be obese.

What better reason to start exercising than for a better start to life for your child and yourself.