5 Reasons Why Wool Bedding Is Good For Your Health

Staying healthy is a constant challenge in a world full of pressures and problems. Most of us are concerned about being fit and enjoying life to the full. So we need to maximise every area of our life to be healthy and enjoy a good wellbeing. We can sleep for up to a third of our lives so we should not ignore the impact of improving the amount of fitful sleep we obtain.

When we select poor quality bedding it can have a dramatic negative affect on our sleep pattern. It can leave us feeling irritable, weak, and with a reduced ability to perform tasks. Good quality wool bedding initially appears to be expensive when compared to synthetic bedding, but as with many things you get what you pay for. Here are some reasons why wool bedding may be the wiser choice.

Natural wool is a regulator of temperature. In practice this means that when we lay on the wool, it ‘breathes’, adapting to our body temperature either to keep us warm or cool us down. It will adapt to suit us personally in all seasons, promoting a better, deeper sleep all year round.

Natural wool is allergy-resistant. Dust mites often inhabit our bedding, but with a wool duvet this is far less often the case, as wool will not support the fertile living and breeding conditions the mites need to stay alive. So long as you keep the duvet clean, you should be safe from catching allergies that dust mites can transfer to humans.

Natural wool is supportive. Wool pillows, for example, will support your head as you sleep, as they are light and soft, but do not flatten excessively, in fact they will retain their shape even after many hours under your weight. So you will no longer need to ‘plump up’ your pillows during the night.

Natural wool is an absorber. When you sweat, you release moisture, but wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight without feeling wet to the touch. Wool allows water molecules to move freely and so perspiration is not such a problem, you thereby should have less chance of waking up feeling hot and sticky.

Natural wool is animal and eco-friendly. Being 100% sustainable and renewable, wool is in harmony with the environment. Its production does not involve any unnecessary cruelty to animals, which is always a comfort to animal lovers.

Sleeping under a wool duvet, on a wool pillow, and on a wool underblanket you will appreciate why wool is being used more and more in modern times. Sleeping with wool may enhance your ability to sleep fitfully to the extent that you may gain up to 800 extra hours of rest each year! You can look forward to feeling revitalised and refreshed each morning and you will notice the difference wool can make to your life.