5 Proactive Acne Treatments For The Adult Acne Sufferer

Although acne is normally thought to be a teenage problem, approximately fifty percent of adults also have to deal with the bothersome skin problem. Many choose to suffer in silence and embarrassment as they feel that they should have “grown out of it”.

The medical profession is not 100% certain about what causes acne, or that there is even a reason which applies to all sufferers. This means that it is very difficult to treat and thus you will find several “cures” for sale either over the counter or on prescription. These treatments however often do not work for adult sufferers, since they are designed for the specific kind of comedonal acne which most teenagers suffer from.

Instead, the best acne treatments for adults come from nature herself and, if you can stop the cause of your acne, then you will radically lower the number of breakouts and pimples you have. Here are 5 secret remedies to treat your adult acne.

1. Lessen your level of stress! Adults need to deal with stress daily, whether it is through their job, at home or from some other source and stress is widely believed to be one of the main contributors to adult acne. If you can find some way to relax and eliminate your main stressors you will undoubtedly see a lowering of the number of acne breakouts which you have.

2. Make sure that you get enough sleep! Many adults lead busy lives and do not get enough sleep to recover from their active days. Try to get a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night and you should see an improvement in your acne breakouts.

3. Drink plenty of water! If you find yourself running around between work, school and home you could be getting dehydrated and not even know it. Take a bottle of water with you and try to ensure that you drink a minimum of ten glasses of water every day. Drinking water will help to flush your body of the impurities that cause acne.

4. Apply honey to a breakout! Although it may be a little bit messy, applying honey to your spots can help to dry them out faster. Wash it off in the morning when you wake up with a natural cleanser or with acne soap or perhaps a goat’s milk soap acne preparation.

5. Be careful what you eat! Your diet can frequently be one of the biggest reasons for adult acne problems. Meat has a thermic effect which can worsen acne breakouts. Chocolate is another big offender for some people. Finally, fried food can also produce an increase in the number and severity of breakouts. Stay away from these foods therefore if you find that you are getting numerous acne breakouts.

So what can I eat to get rid of acne? Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can help to reduce your number of acne breakouts and ensure that you are getting the the vitamins which you may otherwise be missing out on. Some adults also place great weight on the part played by a detoxifying cleanse for removing pimples.

None of these treatments is complicated and neither do they mean having to buy expensive acne skin products. Not only is selecting a natural pimple treatment an excellent way to lessen your acne breakouts but it can help your budget as well!