5 Motivators To Give Your Weight Loss Program A Boost

Ready to lose weight?

Hey, I’m talking to you.


We all know there’s a big difference between saying and doing. Even our best intentions can go astray – we say that we’ll make changes, start dieting or exercising, and somehow it just never seems to happen. It’s crucial to stick to our own personal plan for weight loss, but incorporating it into our everyday lives requires some motivation. So how do we find motivation for weight loss?

If you just can’t seem to get started, or are experiencing some loss of motivation, here are 5 ways to begin, start back up, or just get a little support.

1.) Set Realistic Goals – One of the biggest problems most weight-loss seekers experience is an inability to achieve their goals. That’s not necessarily their fault. Oftentimes, the goals they set for themselves ask too much, too soon. The key is an incremental approach – don’t expect weight loss to happen in a week. A good strategy is to set daily, or weekly goals, and make them small. Exercise 3 times a week. Eat smaller portions. Include more fruits and vegetables. Don’t make goals like, “Lose 5 pounds this week”. For, as Mark Twain said, “Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.”

2.) Exercising? Find a Partner – Exercise is critical to losing weight. Most Americans don’t exercise enough. The attorney-general recommends at least half an hour a day, but the majority of people have trouble meeting that recommendation even throughout the week, and 25% report not exercising at all. So we’re not alone… And we shouldn’t be when we do start exercising. A workout routine can become just that – a routine, and not much fun. Finding a like-minded weight-loss seeker with whom you can carry out your exercise plan can do wonders for your weight loss motivation. Exercising consistently becomes much less difficult, as each of you wouldn’t want to let down the other. And it’s fun – whether you’re walking, lifting weights, or taking an aerobics class, having a friend to talk to, and with whom you can share some of the difficulties of weight loss with, can make the whole process a whole lot better.

3.) Be positive – This mantra isn’t new. But it doesn’t mean you have to be a perky little camp counselor either. Not that there is anything wrong with camp counselors, but here’s what I mean…

If you feel like you’re getting behind, or not making any progress, think about how differently you live now. If you didn’t used to exercise, you do now. If you never used to watch what you eat, your diet has now improved. Change may, and likely will, come slowly… All those ads for “Lose 30 Pounds in 3 Weeks!” aren’t truthful, and if they are, are most likely quite unhealthy. Don’t think about how many more pounds still have to come off the scale, but instead, think about how many already have. You really are making progress! Your weight loss plan can, and will, work if you stick to it. That’s a promise!

4.) Get Your Family Involved – Our families are often the most supportive group of people in our lives. If you haven’t already, tell them about your efforts to lose weight. If you feel down, they can help bring you back up – tell them about your problems and your achievements. At the very least, you know that you have some very special and important people behind you.

5.) Be Patient – This might be the most important thing of all to remember. Again, healthy weight loss comes slowly, and is not easy. But you’ll feel so much better about yourself, and even be proud, after you’ve followed your weight loss plan to the very end. Remember to think about how far you’ve already come, and then… keep it up.

Finding motivation for weight loss isn’t easy – otherwise, none of this would be an issue. But stick to it! Things can only get better.