5 Most Popular Display Stands And Their Functions

The use of display stands has completely changed the look and environment of the tradeshows, conferences, shopping centers and other retail and outdoor events. Now the display stands are used as the great business promotional tool. The selection of an eye-catching, attractive display stand can make the products lucrative to the customers. If you are going to join a tradeshow or a similar event, you should give much importance to display stands. You should consider the products you will display and the themes you will highlight. Here follows a discussion on several types of display stands and their functions.

Brochure display stands

In a tradeshow, the brochure display stands are very functional. If you want to display the brochures or other information about your company, you need an eye-catching, attractive brochure display stand. It is a smart as well as convenient way of showcasing your company literature to the visitors. Using a brochure display will help you keep organized all your company information and also give a professional look to your booth.

Pop up Display Stands

Pop up display stands are effective as well as easy to use display stands, which can also easily draw the attention of the visitors. If you want to draw the attention of the visitors by large display stands, then they are ideal for you. The pop up display stands usually come between 8 feet and 20 feet long. They are also available in many innovative designs. Another great advantage of the pop up display stands is that they are portable. These display stands can be packed down small and you can carry them anywhere. In this way, they are also cost effective. You do not have to buy display stands each time you join a tradeshow. You can reuse your pop up display stands.

Rotating Display Stands

If you want to quickly draw the attention of the visitors, the rotating display stand is a great option. It helps present the products or information in a professional and interesting way. This type of stand usually does not take much space as it can be placed in a corner of your booth. But wherever you place it, a rotating display stand will draw the attention of the visitors.

Banner Display Stands

In a tradeshow, people usually do not have time to visit every booth. So, you cannot expect that all the visitors of a tradeshow will visit your booth. But still you can reach most of the visitors by the banner display stands. The banner display stands, which are one of the tallest types of display stands, can be put in either side of the booth displaying the name of your company or your product. Thus, if you want to draw the attention of a large number of people, you can use the banner display stands.

Tabletop display stands

Tabletop display stands are also very popular for tradeshows. This type of display stand is smaller in size so that they can be placed on the top of a display table. They are available in various designs and colors. Tabletop display stands are inexpensive display stands.

Thus, depending on your budget, products and booths, you can select any of the above display stands.