5 Major Benefits of Using a Baby Monitor with Video

You know that a video baby monitor can give you a better peace of mind because of its ability to deliver both sound and visual of your loved ones. You are no longer worried when you have to be away from your baby for a while, knowing that the baby monitor will help you with the monitoring.

However, you are a bit put off by the price. Naturally, a video monitor is more expensive than an audio baby monitor. And there is this concern that you will have to hire a professional to do the installation. You know that you aren’t a tech savvy, so you are worried about how to use it and how you are going to operate the device. Well, before you freak out from all those negative thoughts, be advised that such a monitor has its own perks. And the benefits of using a them with video are bigger than you have ever imagined, especially the baby monitors with 2 cameras and split screen function.

Peace of Mind

Again, the video baby monitor gives you a lot of relief when it comes to monitoring your baby. Sure, an audio baby monitor can also tell you when he is restless or crying, but it is always helpful to have the visual to help you determine that he is okay. You won’t have to be paranoid about your kid’s well being anymore.

Better Freedom

With the monitor, you won’t have to be with your baby all the time. It gives you somewhat a sense of freedom and flexibility. Now, you can do your household chores or even go to the yard without having to excessively be worried about your baby. With the monitor, you can observe the baby as if you were in the same room.

Promote Sleep Training Time

If you want to train your baby to sleep, the monitor can help you. Today’s monitors have two communication systems, which means that you can also talk to your baby. You can sing a lullaby until he is sleeping or soothe him without being present. This is believed to promote a sense of independence since the early stage.

Better Observation

Imagine this: You go to the nursery to check whether he is still sleeping or not, or whether he needs something. But then the creak from the door and the floor makes him restless and he is finally awake. Have you experienced such a thing? This kind of ‘incident’ won’t happen if you have the baby monitor. You can manage better observation and monitoring remotely without having to disturb anyone.

Better Features and Technologies

The video monitor requires you to set it up with advanced control system – more advanced and complicated than a regular audio baby monitor. However, such an effort is worthy because you can also enjoy better technologies and features. For instance, you can install several monitors at home and connect them to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. It’s like having your own security cameras system, but this one is for babies. You can also enjoy other features, such as the ability to talk to your babies, advanced alert system if they leave the crib, auto adjustment for the room temperature, and much more.

As you can see, the video baby monitor does have its own perks and flaws. But if you think of it, the benefits of using a baby monitor with video are far greater than the downsides.