5 Life Energy Thieves and 5 Energy Boosters

Most people rarely experience balance much less enjoy it, but it is essential to true prosperity.

There were two parts to this concept. First I’ll give you the 5 Life Energy Thieves and then the 5 Life Energy Boosters. I don’t usually do the negative side of things first but in this case I thought it would make a better comparison.

Number One Enemy: Ruts When I talk about ‘ruts’ I’m talking about doing the same unproductive routines that you think HAVE to be done but usually do not.

These ruts are routines and activities that do not promote the achievement of your goals and desires. These activities zap your energy and lower your drive because they are tedious, boring and should be done by someone else or dropped all together, but you keep them up and take away energy of more important things.

Number Two Enemy: Worry, Distraction and Anger This is the emotional group. We let these feelings drive us to one extreme or the other and rob us of hours of productive work.

Number Three Enemy: Perfectionism and Procrastination They sound like polar opposites, but the true is they are twins of the same parent-fear. The perfectionist never finishes because they are afraid their work will not be accepted. The procrastinator never starts for the same reason, fear of being or doing wrong.

Number Four Enemy: Struggling with Relationships Whether it’s a business to business relationship, a relationship with a person inside your business or a personal relationship it takes two people and if only one side is doing anything to work it out you are wasting your time.

Some much energy is wasted on struggling to make a relationship work that should just be dropped-it takes two, both sides must work to get results.

Number Five Enemy: Scarcity Thinking Not just scarcity of finances but scarcity thinking about work, about health, about friends about anything and everything. Scarcity thinking will steal your zest for life, so don’t let it crept in at any level.

Now I want to share the 5 Life Energy Boosters with you.

Number One: Instead of stuck in ruts, we exercise willingness and courage to act

To get out of our ruts we first need the willingness and courage to act differently, to take a chance outside of our comfort zone and give life a fresh look. This will start a new surge of energy in your life. For many, it’s like going from black and white to color.

Number Two: Instead of worry, distraction and anger, practice confidence, positive focus and gratitude.

Again this is the emotional package to change your energy on the inside. Confidence can start with small things and build on each action. Positive focus encourages, gives hope and stirs up energy and gratitude for what you already have keeps you on the right track.

I remember years ago after a surgery my wife had when she was at a very low point in life, she said she started her road back with simple things. She was grateful that she could see her family, hear our voices, then that she could walk, even if it was slow and from there gratitude brought more gratitude and more energy with it.

Number Three: Instead of perfectionism or procrastination we say, ‘Aim high and let it fly’.

Go ahead and have big goals, big vision, big desires and act on them. Then regroup and act again. All action may not work, but it at least shows you what to do next. So regroup and act again. The movement alone gives you energy.

Number Four: Instead of struggling with relationships, enjoy them.

Now as I said it takes two in order for a relationship to work. Now the first way to resolve this is just to drop the relationship and move on. This is sometimes what you need to do. But if you are in a relationship you can’t just drop, you can still get energy from it by enjoying it-and how do you do that? You enjoy it by not focusing on the other person but focusing solely on my actions and my thoughts.

By being kind, giving, loving and positive in all that I do, I can walk away knowing I’ve done my best. This may or may not change the relationship, but it surely will not hurt it any longer and my contributions will energize me.

Number Five: Instead of scarcity thinking, practice abundance and prosperity thinking

Instead of looking at a small pie and wondering how it’s going to be cut so I get my piece, start looking for ways to increase the size of the pie. People who try to build their abundance by living cheaply just end up being cheap at the end and there is nothing worse that a wealthy person who is cheap. Thinking abundance is thinking expansion and that brings energy.

Well, that’s our 5 energy thieves and 5 energy boosters.

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