5 Hints To Select Your Online University

Online Universities have become a place for many busy working individual who are lacking of time and tight up with their job and family responsibilities to continue their education. If you are among the group who are looking to continue your education through an online university; here are a few important hints that you can use in your consideration when selecting your online university.

1. Accreditation

If you try to read any of online education guides, I believe you have come across this word “accreditation”. Almost all education guides will ask you to make sure that the online university or the online degree program that you are going to enroll must be accredited by any of the agencies that are recognized by the US Department of Education. In fact, all those guides are right and it is the most important factor to be considered when you select yours.

Basically, accreditation is a formal review process on school programs and policies by one of the agencies that are recognized by the US Department of Education to see if these programs are meeting certain criteria. When a school is found to meet these criteria, it is granted accreditation. If your degree is from an accredited online university, your degree will be accepted by most of employers. Hence, you eliminate the risk of unrecognized degree or fake degree issue when apply a job after graduation.

2. Get an Online Degree that Will Look Good In Your Resume

There are so many online universities and colleges available, sometime you will find it hard to decide which school to choose for your degree. Well, ask yourself, if you are an employer who are looking for a candidate for a position in the company, when you interview the job applicants and review their degree, degree from which school will make you feel better, a degree from well known universities like University of Phoenix and Kaplan University or an unknown university like University of ABC? I guest if you are the hiring manager, you probably will select the candidate who is holding a degree from well known university, right?

A degree from a well-known & prestige online university will make your resume look good. A candidate from a “good brand” online university will definitely impress the hiring manager and it make ease for you. Hence, you can do some analysis and get some feedback from any of online degree forums about the online universities short listed to see which one is the best known and best acceptable before you make up your decision.

3. Lab Works (if any) Near At Your Location

Some degree programs require you to complete a certain hours of lab works before you can earn the degree. If so and if your busy working schedule does not allow you to travel far, then, you need to consider the online university that has local facility or arrangement with any of local institution for you to carry out your lab work.

4. Credit Transfer

There are many online universities that allow you to transfer your credits earned from previous degree to save you some credit hours and credit cost. You can consider it if you have credits that may transfer to your new degree program. Always check out this information from the admission officer before your enroll into the program.

5. Good Academic Support

You will attend the class online by login into the online university teaching & learning system. Technology sometime creates difficulties such as unable to download the learning material or upload you assignment. Sometime, you may need help from the school to resolve the problems. Hence, a good support from online university is very importance to ensure the smoothness of your learning process.

In Summary

Selecting on online university for your degree sometime is a hard decision: too many options available, too many degree programs that seem like meeting your requirement. I hope the above hints will help to narrow down your scope of your choice and finally reach the ultimate decision on which online university to pursue your degree.