5 Free Publicity Tips inspired by celebrities

Jessica Simpson, Madonna and Paris Hilton.

Love them or hate them, these famous celebrities are media darlings. They know how to get and keep attention. Attention in today’s hyper competitive and noisy markets equals power.

How could you and your business benefit from applying some of their powerful self-promotion lessons? Here are 5 Free Publicity tips that you can apply to get your business and ideas, the attention and name recognition that you deserve.

1. Let your personality shine through

Drop the grey, corporate speak already, let your own unique personality shine. Share more about your story. What personal challenges did you overcome to get where you are today? Are you a natural at what you do? When did you realize that you were going to make this your chosen career?

2. Share your personal struggles and triumphs

Jessica Simpson’s popularity soared when news of her crumbling marriage surfaced. We can relate to others who are facing problems that we are struggling with ourselves. So inspire your target audience to continue working to overcome their challenges, by sharing your own personal battles and triumphs.

3. Encourage your own satisfied clients to spread your story for you.

The average joe can give you a brief life overview of Paris, Madonna and Jessica in fifty words or less. Are you leveraging your satisfied customers or clients to tell your story?

Always follow-up with your customers to make sure that they are pleased with their purchase. When you receive glowing praise from a customer, do more than just say thank-you. Get them to send in a letter, preferably along with a picture of them using your product, that you can use as a testimonial.

4. Break out of boring, traditional boundaries

From Material Girl to devoted mom and children’s author, Madonna has successfully reinvented herself by pushing the boundaries. Likewise, you can step outside your industry soap box. Sponsor a community group, start up your own awards service. Remember, no one ever talks about the plain vanilla

5. Escape the -perfection trap- What major talent that Paris Hilton has? Maybe she is just an ok actress, but she does not let that stop her from putting her work out there. Likewise, do the best that you can to get your ideas out there and let your audience tell you what they really like.

As your target audience continues to be bombarded with more and more advertising noise every day, finding a way to get noticed in your marketplace is becoming harder and harder.

Even costly, paid advertising has its limits as your audience becomes more time strapped, ad weary and cynical. What’s a solution? A greater use of free publicity strategies.

So you are a hard working author, real estate agent, chiropractor or small business owner and you want to get your share of the publicity goldmine- but you don’t have access to the family trust fund to hire a publicist on a $10K monthly retainer. What can you do to get noticed?

Fortunately with the rise of web2.0 and user generated content, web 2.0 publicity is turning many professionals, and entrepreneurs into local celebrities in their back yard.

Now you do not need a fat wallet to win the web2.0 publicity game. The lowest hanging goalpost in the web2.0 free publicity game is My Space.

The best part is that MySpace makes getting into the free web2.0 publicity game quick and easy. It is free to join myspace.com and you can establish your online presence in a matter of five minutes or less, with a host of free tools that MySpace places at your fingertips. See you on myspace.com