5 Dangerous Places that People have Found Their Children at with a Mobile Phone Monitoring App

Adolescence is the most confusing and contradictory part of life. Both sweet and bitter memories are attached to teenage years. During adolescence, one tends to make impulsive decisions that may lead to catastrophe for the family. Most parents realize the importance of monitoring their children consistently. Their concerns are not baseless. You will find stories in the electronic and print media about teenagers ending up at dangerous places risking their own safety and that of their peer group.

Mobile phone monitoring apps have helped concerned parents profoundly in this respect. The software helped them trace the location of their children to dangerous places with location tracking and call/message monitoring. With the help of this critical information, parents were able to avert many situations which could potentially turn into disasters. Here are 5 dangerous places that people have found their children at:

Gun Stores:

Of late, print and electronic media is full of unfortunate shooting incidents at public places. There have been casualties and killings. Guns and fire arms have been used at campuses, theaters, and shopping malls. It is possible for your children to visit gun stores to get information about the gun and ammunition and teens have been known to be able to get their hands on them.

Drug Stores:

Another dangerous place that teenagers commonly visit is drug stores where they try to get pharmacy drugs. Pharmacy drugs are used by teenagers to get high in “Pharm” parties where each participant brings a pharmacy drug and randomly exchanges/consumes drug from the drug “pool”. Pharmacy drugs are easily accessible within home or at the drug stores. They are the least suspected and hence most commonly used by teenagers.

Canals for Unguarded Swimming:

Unguarded swimming at canals is fun and exciting but at the same time, it is dangerous. Canals are popular among teenagers as they are not suspicious, easy to access in several states, and full of adrenaline rush. Since they are an unlikely visit place for many of us, they remained untraced for quite long until parents started to find their children there with the use of mobile phone monitoring apps.


Yes, Internet! Many teenagers have cyber life that overshadows their real life. It is hard to trace what teenagers do on the internet because they are aware of the fact that they might be caught and they take precautions, like erasing their browsing history. They mingle with strangers on internet. They watch fetish porn and use social media extensively. Some of these gambles may turn out to be dangerous, as you are aware of.

Car Racing:

There are illegal car racing rackets in a lot of cities. Teenagers bring their “ride” and race. Since they are not trained for high speed driving, and are prone to fatal accidents. Some teenagers bet on cars and lose money. Such places also become a meeting point for drug and arms dealers – surely not a place for your teenager to be around.