4 Ways to get more done in less time.

Time is the very essence of life and the most precious commodity we have. Unlike other precious commodities we cannot store it or accumulate it. Each precious minute that we are allotted every day at sunrise must be spent before dawn the next day.

Our failure or success depends on how we spend those precious moments. Spending those moments wisely leads to a life well lived, and failure to do so leads to the pain of regret.

Here are 4 ways in which you can befriend Father Time:-
1. Set priorities and stick to them. List your top 5 -7 priorities in order of their importance. Spend some time each day working on those priorities before anything else.

2. To succeed you need to work on those things in the present that have the greatest impact on your future.
Things like exercise, drawing up a business plan or writing an article, spending some quality time with your spouse or kids are all examples of activities that will yield rewards now and in the future as well.

Contrast that to watching TV or hanging out with your buddies at the bar. These activities only provide temporary pleasure with no return on the investment of time in the future.

3. Make a commitment to improve those aspects of your life that are the most important to you. If, for example, you are an internet marketer, then learn the skills of copy writing, list building, Search Engine Optimization etc. If you are a parent then read books or listen to audio programs that will teach you the skills you need in order to parent effectively.

Keep learning and improving in each and every area of your life. Constant and Never Ending Improvement should be your motto.

4. Keep in mind that time cannot be saved, it can only be relocated from activities of lower importance to activities of higher importance. Rather then think of spending time, think of investing time. Before you begin the day ask yourself this question:- “How can I invest the next 24 hours that lie ahead so that I can enjoy the moment and reap the rewards of a moment well invested in the future.”