4 Ways to Gain Self-Confidence Meeting People

It’s hard to meet people. Even though they’re everywhere, shuffling about their daily routines, it seems a daunting task to work up the courage to walk up and introduce yourself, to “impose” yourself on their routine, with the prospects of an awkward and humiliating rejection looming over the whole affair. But never fear. Follow these four tips on building your self-confidence, and you’ll be meeting people in no time.

BANISH YOUR DOUBTS – Before your doubts banish you. The easiest way to fail in a social interaction is to let your doubts get the best of you, and to let yourself believe that you have no good qualities to offer the world. This obviously isn’t true. Believe in yourself and others will soon follow. Let your doubts take over, and soon everyone will believe those instead. See the pattern here? What you believe about yourself is what the world will believe about you, too.

MENTAL ROLE PLAY – Play out the initial meeting scene in your head beforehand. Consider this exercise like a practice run through. Visualize your success, visualize the person you wish to meet happy with your efforts, and engaging with you in conversation. Continue this until you muster the courage to actualize it in real life.

KILLING FEAR – Fear and doubt are the greatest enemies to building self-confidence. It is incredibly easy to talk yourself out of meeting new people because you are afraid of rejection, afraid of being ridiculed and humiliated, or simply afraid of being feeling that you are intruding upon someone else. You need to get past these fears, be determined and act with a positive outlook. Action by approaching is the simplest way to overcome fear meeting new people.

PRACTICE – Practice makes perfect. If you fail at a thing, it is far too easy to give up, to let the fear and the doubts win. With each new encounter you embark upon to meet people, you will learn what to say, what not to say, how sit, stand, or walk, and will get easier each and every time. Success is contagious, it breeds itself. One successful meeting will lead to you making more as you build your self-confidence. This is where perseverance comes into play. Keep going, keep striving for your goals of meeting new people. This is the path to self-confidence and pushing past your limitations.

Meeting new people takes effort, and building your self-confidence takes time, dedication, and positivity. You can become a confident person. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you are willing to put in the time and dedicate yourself to the proposition that you are worth the investment in yourself.