4 Ways to Chill Out

There is no doubt about it –life is busy. And while we often try to leave everyday stresses behind, whether they come from work or personal affairs, it isn’t always easy. There are answers though, and with a little practice and daily diligence you can effectively reduce the amount of stress you carry with you throughout the day, helping you cope with whatever you might encounter.

The health benefits of stress reduction are many. Because stress hormones inhibit the immune system, a highly stressful lifestyle can increase the risk of falling ill to otherwise harmless infections, such as common colds. Stress also causes increased blood pressure, putting you at a higher risk of a heart attack. And not being able to relax around your friends might put you at a distance from your own personal life, causing more stress, which might push you further away, which causes more stress, and so on.

Spotting stress can be difficult, as we sometimes aren’t aware that we are even stressed at all. A document produced by the University of Cambridge highlights some of the signs.

It is vital to our health that we learn ‘how’ to relax. There are endless ways, and often people have their own, but there are certain relaxation techniques that can be learnt and practiced that will keep the stress to a minimum.

Breathing – Stress leads to shorter, less deep breathing which lessens the amount of oxygen in the blood. Simply stopping and taking the time to sit up straight and breathe long deep breaths for a few minutes can be an effective way to combat stress.

Visualization – If you find a few moments, close your eyes and think about a spot you enjoy (your favorite room, favorite spot on the beach, or even a created reality). Breathe deep, and let yourself exercise your imagination.

Exercise – Apart from the fact that exercise helps take your mind away for a short time, it also increase the blood flow in your body. It creates a stronger body with more energy to help you cope in various circumstances.

Lying down – It seems strange to stop in the middle of a hard day, turn off the phone and computer, and then stretch out and be still for twenty minutes, but that is often exactly what is needed. It allows the mind to be still and come back into focus.

There is no doubt that relaxation can help you cope with stress, and if you haven’t ever tried it, then why not give it a go? You may find using a few simple tricks might help you more than you thought.