4 Tips For Best Lease Of Equipment And Commercial Leasing Rates For Canadian businesses

Let’s discuss some ‘ inside edge’ tips, secrets and strategies on how Canadian business owners and financial managers can get solid commercial leasing rates when they consider lease of equipment and asset financing in Canada .

We’ll focus on 4 specific areas, but at the same time we’ll delve into other aspects with one main focus – saving you money.

So, first of all, what are 4 critical areas for you to assess when financing an asset. For a starter be familiar with the type of firm you are dealing with. It’s not necessarily about their reputation of stability, (although that’s a good thing!)… It’s as much about the type of firm relative to the asset you are financing. Ensure you are working with a firm that has an appetite for your asset type and dollar size… and credit quality. Your firms overall credit quality drives commercial leasing rates on equipment to a great degree. Many players in the industry can actually approve your firm for asset finance without a tremendous amount of financial disclosure – typically that means financial statements.

On the other hand, you can often attain better pricing if you provide a solid financial package that includes historical financials, year to date interims, or even forecast of sales, profits, cash flow, etc.

In Canada there are hundreds of financing entities that consider lease equipment as a service they provide. Knowing who they are, what they do, and how they approve transactions is valuable information that will ultimately affect your pricing.

Tip # 2 today… it’s all about ‘ end of term’. Do not, we repeat do not consider the lease of equipment without understanding your end of term options. For many lease companies the entire strategy around their pricing is not reliant on the ‘ interest rate ‘ on your transaction, instead its all about what happens 36, 48, or 60 months out when your lease is up .

There are numerous ways that lease finance companies in Canada maximize lease profits ( from you !) by structuring end of term purchase options, renewals and notifications around those renewals, as well as the most basic, disposing of the asset at an additional profit . Bottom line, understand end of term!

Tip # 3- Fees. They are all over the place these days. Many are reasonable and warranted, such as commitment fees if appropriate (sometimes they are not!), registrations fees, appraisal fees, pre auth banking admin fees, etc. As we said, many are reasonable, some are not, but all are negotiable to a certain extent. Understand the total cost of your financing is the bottom line.

Tip # 4- the down stroke. Down stroke? That’s the industry terminology for down payment or security deposit. Ensure you have the financial effects of this type of payment factored into your overall lease pricing. If a down payment is require prior to final approval ensure your firm understands what will happen if the transaction is not approved.

Canadian equipment lease financing is one of the most powerful strategies used by 80% of all businesses in Canada. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on how you can maximize the benefits while getting the best commercial leasing rates of equipment lease finance in Canada.