4 Simple Self Motivation Techniques to Apply “When the Going gets Tuff”

You may not be aware that you are practicing self motivation techniques everyday of your life. This is initially seen when you force yourself to wake up early every morning to prepare for the long day ahead.

This is the same motivation that gets you through the tough day even though you felt that you cannot finish it in the start. And do you know what makes you make it through the day? Motivation. With this in mind, you are looking forward for the next day with the thought that you are getting closer to your chosen goal.

Sometimes you may feel like you just do not have enough motivation to get you going. It is during these times that you have to remember some motivation skills so the going will not seem as tough.

What are these techniques?

1. Visualize your goal.

A goal is something that you can picture once in awhile or whenever you need to push yourself to do more. Take for example the process of losing five pounds. More often than not, you visualize yourself of someone you know who looks slim. That person serves as your visual motivation.

The best thing to do is put up a picture in a location of where you go everyday. It may be on your refrigerator door or beside the bathroom mirror. This way, you will be reminded everyday of the goal that you want to accomplish. You could also use motivational quotes to help you reach your goal.

2. Reward yourself.

You may realize that you are losing some of your extra weight little by little. You can reward yourself with food or treats once you have gotten to your desired weight requirement.

You should promise to get yourself another reward if you get to the next weight loss level. This way, you have something to look forward to. Think of something that you really, really wanted. That would be enough to reach you to your goal in the shortest time.

3. Write down your goals.

According to studies, people who write their goals have a better chance of keeping and attaining them. This is in contrast to just thinking and telling others about it.

Writing it out is like committing yourself to a contract that needed to be followed to the letter. This way, it is between you, yourself and your goal. After writing them down, put it somewhere where you can review and look them over or when you feel that you are losing track about where you are going. Today several businesses are using motivational posters and motivational quotes for employee motivation and business motivation.

4. Be confident.

Start wearing clothes that can shed off instant pounds. When you notice that there are changes in your body, do not slack off. Continue on doing what you have started and stay focused.

Show all your family and friends what you have achieved so far. Indulge in the praises and comments that they will give you. This does not mean that you need to stop and take it easy. Instead, it is a means that you are doing excellent and is halfway in achieving your goal. Keep reading motivational quotes and affirmations on a regular basis.

These four self motivation techniques are the ones that majority of people are using. It can be noted that these same techniques are also the ones that have helped many people achieve even the most impossible of goals. Why don’t you do the same?