4 Reasons Your SMB Should Partner With a Digital Printing Company

If you’ve decided to start integrating more print marketing into your business’ strategy, you’ve made a wise choice. Print marketing methods, if handled correctly, can increase visibility and offer a great return on investment. But if you run a small or medium-sized business, chances are you have some concerns about finding a commercial printing company that can meet both your needs and your bottom line. Here are four reasons you should be looking for a digital printing company in your search:

1. Fast Turnaround
A digital printing company will be offering you a turnaround unmatched by other business printing services. That’s because the technology behind digital printing allows your materials to be printed from digital files (hence the name), rather than requiring a more time-intensive setup process involving the creation of printing plates and rollers customized to your project. So if you’ve forgotten the materials for the conference this week, that’s no problem — as long as you’re working with a digital printing company.

2. SMB-Friendly Pricing
A digital printing company will typically be able to offer a pricing model that is very attractive to SMBs. Why’s that? As explained above, digital printing requires far less setup than traditional printing methods. That means that you won’t be charged hefty setup fees. So even if you’re paying a slightly higher price per piece at a digital printing company than you would at a traditional one, you’ll end up saving money because of the relatively small quantities (called “short runs”) most SMBs need.

3. Varied Products
Of course, each digital printing company will offer slightly different capabilities, but most will be able to print on a wide variety of surfaces to create custom items. That can open up your options in terms of both advertising materials and promotional gifts, which can help you bring in new customers and retain old ones. Research has shown 84% of Americans will remember a company’s name when they received branded products. Consumers actually use these gifts, too; for example, most consumers will keep promotional calendars for all 12 months of the year. You should talk to your digital printing company about what promo items they can come up with that match your business’ niche.

4. Customization
Digital printing allows for a high degree of customization on products, making it the most affordable choice when it comes to items that need unique names, addresses, codes or anything along those lines. Direct mailers are a good example of what this might do for a business — a full 62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians say they actually enjoy checking their mailboxes for real mail.