4 Keys to Charming Your Market

1. Paint Vivid Pictures
People buy products for the feeling they get from the purchase. How do you feel when you’re relaxing on the water in your brand new boat? Sure, you’re like a kid with a new toy… excited, proud and anxious to show it off a little bit. Keep in mind these feelings, and draw word pictures with your advertisements that will stimulate them.

Don’t be surprised at the amazing results you’ll get from encouraging and dramatizing the desires of your readers. Excited and tantalized consumers part with their money more quickly than inanimate dreamers.

2. Get To Know Your Prospective Buyers
We connect with people who understand what our needs are. No, not all of your customers have the same needs. Get to know something about the people who walk through your doors. You’ll discover different groups within your range of customers. Take the time to discover what will satisfy each group!

Everyone likes that special one-on-one attention. Think about it…does your marketing strategy address the needs of each group, or does it speak to a generic audience who isn’t interested in the boring information they see?

3. Speak To The Skeptic
Yeah, there’s one in every crowd who isn’t easily persuaded and wants cold hard facts as proof. If we’re truthfully, we realize that advertisements need a little more than their share of “back up.” Hey, we’re trying to sell something to people who work hard for their money, and aren’t excited about throwing it down the drain. There are a few ways you can ease their qualms about shelling out their dinero.

o Testimonials: Yeah, they want proof that you’ve delivered satisfactorily in the past, and what better way to prove it than with a direct quote from a satisfied customer? We’re not talking about just randomly quoting customers…there’s a little science involved here. Choose a variety of testimonials that cover different benefits of your product or service, and those that are specific.

o Get Specific: Sure it’s quick and easy to use your product, but how quick is quick and how easy is easy? Tell them exactly what they want to know…you’ll receive your order in 10 days when you call us at…..

o Don’t Exagerate: If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is. Make sure you’re not coming across as a too good-to-be-true scam. Your prospects will run for cover!

o Make Decisions Easy: Do you know what happens when a customer can’t decideĀ… You lose a sale that you already had in your pocket. Yes, he came in to get it, saw more options, stopped to make up his mind, then walked out still thinking about it…maybe to never return.

Don’t confuse your customers – limit your customer’s decisions to either yes or no. Let them decide either yes I’ll buy or no, I won’t buy.

A charmed market is ready to open up their pocketbooks and send your sales over the top! Take advantage of these 4 keys to charming it, and see what kind of effects it produces for you.