36 Weeks Pregnancy – What to Expect

Here you are, 36 weeks of pregnancy gone and only 5 more weeks to go what a great time to celebrate. But it is not over yet. Right now your baby should be around 6 pounds. He/She fat is probably dimpling on his/her cheeks, knees and elbows. Isn’t this exciting. You’re nesting instincts are probably starting to go into high gear as you prepare for the coming of your new addition to the family.

At 36 weeks pregnant mothers have stated that they are at this point feeling a little overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed may come from that fact that you may want to prepare everything in such a short period of time. Cleaning the house, getting the crib set up, going shopping for new cloths, making sure all the hospital plans are done or even something as simple as having the right car seat ready for taking your child home. Wow, I feel overwhelmed now. Wooo.

At 36 Weeks of pregnancy your body dimensions may be probably about 13 inches long from crown to your backside. Your belly may feel a little itchy at the 36 weeks pregnancy mark. This is common, lather up with plenty of lotion as this may stop some of the dryness. It may not help the stretch marks but it should help the itchiness.

Your baby should be around 6 pounds now. Fetal development at this point should include:

* The baby is practicing blinking

* The baby is sucking and the muscles are fully developed

* The babiesÂ’ gums have become rigid

* The brain is increasing development and growing rapidly

It is common for babies to move into their birthing positions at 36 weeks. Your doctor will begin to use the term “presentation” to describe the baby lying over the cervix. This is when the babies head is in a down position under the cervix. In 95% of the births today this is the position most common seen. The other “presentations” known are breech, transverse, face, shoulder, or brow presentation.

This is a great time for you and your baby. I hope you enjoy your birth and stay safe..