3 Trends in Commercial Lighting That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Embrace

As new technology is taking over the world of lighting, new trends show up in commercial lighting world. Nowadays our buildings changed and our work schedule is different, which asks for new ways of lighting the place where we spend more than half of our time. The challenges of lighting a warehouse or an office building now focus more on the worker’s well being and on reducing the amount of pollution. Running a green business has been a growing concern in the last years and now going green is also a major concern, but here are the other trends entrepreneurs need to embrace in the future.

Save money

Changes in the lighting technology have a great economic value, which is translated in the consistent savings you can make with the new LED lighting systems. One of the first advantages of cheap light fixtures with LED technology is the long lifespan of the LEDs, which means you can rely on them to work for a long time, without having to replace them frequently. Second, they are compatible with dimming systems and other types of energy-efficient systems. This enables the entrepreneur to control the lighting and make sure the lights are on only when they need to be on. This is a major change in both attitude and behavior, which allows commercial spaces to save money and the environment at the same time.

Focus on the worker’s well-being

Entrepreneurs are now realizing that one of the most valuable resources for a business is the human resource, so they are trying to make the work environment as friendly as possible. A happy, healthy worker is a productive worker. Light plays an important part in the well being of a worker, thanks to the link between day light and the circadian rhythm. LED lighting fixtures can be integrated with Tunable White technology and Human Centric Lighting applications to mimic the natural light during a 24 hour cycle. This ensures the workers’ emotional and biological needs are met during the working hours, so they can stay healthy and be productive for the entire day, not just a couple of hours.

Tunable Light technology adjusts the temperature of the light during the day, producing different hues according to the time. These systems are now implemented in classrooms, hospitals, warehouses and offices, where the workers need to stay focused and avoid health problems like insomnia due to disrupted sleep cycle.

Space planning for lighting optimization

Space planning is essential for any business and now there are dedicated applications which calculate exactly how much space you need for your business. This is important for the workers and for the lighting, as too much space is a waste of resources, while a small space leads to low productivity. Calculations help entrepreneurs decide exactly how many canopy lights fixtures they need and how to place them for optimum lighting, so there are no dark corners that can cause accidents or areas with too much light that creates glare, which can also lead to accidents.

New LED technology is always around the corner and as an entrepreneur making sure you embrace the latest technologies in lighting helps you save money and increase the productivity of your workers, while reducing the pollution of the environment.