3 Things To Look Forward To After Age 40

So you’re 40 years old or soon will be, and you think that you have one foot in the grave?  Not so fast!  Turning 40 is nothing to be afraid of.  We all must face the inevitable….we’re getting older and there’s not much you can do about it, or is there? 


It’s true that we can’t stop the aging process, but we certainly can change our attitude and thoughts about what growing older means.  It’s time to look at aging from a different perspective.  You’re entering into a new and exciting part of your life and I think it’s good to consider the things you have to look forward to.


We no doubt mature as we age.  I often find myself thinking back to my younger years and wonder how I ever made it this far!  If you’ve had children going through their teen years, it’s easy to drift back in time to when you were their age and relive those years.  Of course we usually find it best not to share how we acted back then!  (“Do as I say, not as I do”!)  With age comes learning and wisdom.  You have the chance to be the eyes that can look into the future for the younger generation.  You have the opportunity to mold youth into something that they can someday be proud of.  You have the power to help them avoid the pitfalls & challenges that they will inevitably face.  This is really an awesome opportunity and responsibility.


We’re approaching, (if not already there), a period when life in general, settles down.  The 20’s and 30’s can be very tumultuous times.  School, job changes, relationships, marriage, family, housing, etc.  I’m certainly not insinuating that life becomes a breeze, as we age, because we all certainly have our challenges, but it would seem that the frequency and severity of changes in life, begin to decrease.  We are entering a phase where the struggles for success begin to slow down and we start thinking more about giving back.  For many of us, our thoughts begin to turn from, “how can we make a buck off this deal” to, “how can we now give something back to others”.  The old saying, “you can’t take it with you” really begins to ring true. 


For many of us, we begin to really notice our bodies and our health and we use our age as a catalyst for change.  Shortly before my 40th birthday, after years of absolutely no exercise, I decided that I would take up jogging.  For the next year, I would jog an average of 3 days per week and I loved it!  I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I just felt better.  Jogging also became a kind of “mental vacation”.  I could go to the track and jog and not have to worry about the phone ringing, the kids arguing, that project that was late, etc.  I found the meaning of the “runners high”!  Whether you’re running, jogging or simply walking, you’ll find that this is a great time to get your thoughts together, not to mention the unquestionable benefits that exercise provides.


The important thing to get out of all of this is that getting older doesn’t have to be sad and depressing!  It’s a time to be positive.  It’s a time to let go of the past.  You won’t ever be young again in this life so quit wasting precious moments worrying about it!  Live life in the present and look forward to all you have and all you have to live for in the future.