3 Tech Trends That Are Improving Our Lives

Technology has ensured positive revolutions across many sectors of our society and economy, making certain human development was at its peak. Up until today, technology is still changing the way we view things and improving our day-to-day life.

As such, it would be highly advantageous to our environment and its inhabitants that technology is utilized in its advance. The use of technology in bettering the earth would go a long way in making our lives easier. We enjoy the convenience of communicating with friends and families whenever and wherever we want. Technology has also revolutionized food, healthcare, transportation and many other aspects of our lives.

Apart from personal uses, technology has also been used on larger scales. Let’s look at these trends that are revolutionizing our society and environment:

Agricultural Technology

Companies are beginning to change the fundamental way agriculture is practiced due to the reduction in available arable land. Because of technology, different concepts such as robotic farming and genetic food have been implemented. As we very well know, the use of bots generally enhances available systems in the world today. Hence, robotic farming is a more efficient type of farming that lessens the use of human effort with the sowing of crops and subsequent monitoring of its progression.

Farms are now being grown in skyscrapers so farming can be done vertically, managing available space. There is also a form of technological farming namely precision farming which enhances crop produce by transmitting relevant data to farmers.

Smart Living

With the use of technology, people have developed ways by which we can coexist with the environment in a safe manner. There are smart homes that encourage the planting of trees and the reduction of waste in the house. These homes make use of sensors that manage energy during the usual day-to-day activities. They are supplied energy from clean sources such as solar, and make use of a system that advises the inhabitants of a home to make choices that support clean living.

However, with the popularity of IoT, more people are aware of the associated security risks. Ensure all your gadgets are protected by strong passwords. Use strong security tools such as a VPN router to secure all connected devices.

Apart from smart home devices, smart cars is another major trend. These electric vehicles are more efficient than traditional cars in distributing power to all parts of a vehicle. Several first world countries are pioneering the electric vehicle initiative which seeks to greatly reduce carbon emissions in a bid to save the planet.

Virtual Reality for Real Estate

A couple of years back, virtual reality moved from the gaming scene to become highly utilized in the real estate industry. When clients want to purchase residential or commercial property, it involves a lot of time and scrutiny. If the clients are a long distance away from the property they intend to buy, it could pose problems for them. However, the introduction of virtual and augmented reality has made distance seem like an unimportant variable. Real estate agents make use of a modern virtual reality headset to preview homes for clients, allowing them to save time and money.

A huge advantage of virtual reality is that homes can be customized to customers’ tastes instead of the usual costs associated with hiring numerous interior designers. Homes and office spaces that are customized to suit a client’s needs take 80% less time to be sold. The amount of income that virtual reality could realize for real estate agencies has been estimated to be as high as $2.6 billion.


The introduction of tech has offered humans an opportunity to advance the environment in a swifter way. Developments are made to reduce the depletion of the ozone layer and to curb climate change by younger generations. Sectors like agriculture, real estate, and even automobiles have experienced major disruptions allowing humans and the environment to develop a symbiotic relationship.