3 Steps To Increase Your Sales In Forums

Most new forum members often have difficulties selling their products or services in the forums due to their lack of experience or credentials. Most buyers will only engage services with those reputable traders that have been with the forums for quite some time. This article will highlight the 3 important steps to increase your sales in the forums despite your membership duration in the forums.

The first step is to ensure that you have an attractive headline so that members will click to see the detailed offer. If a headline is poor and not attractive, it is pointless to proceed to the following steps. One helpful advice is to leave out your products or service’s price in the headline if you command a big price tag.

I have seen most headlines failed simply because the sellers do not understand the importance of creating an attractive headline. The other tip is to call for action in the headline. If you do not do this, chances are the members will forget about your listing while shopping around. One great example is to indicate that your offer is valid for today only. This type of headline will attract more clicks than normal listing.

The second step is to offer initial discount for the first few takers. This is especially critical if you are selling at a higher price. By offering discounts, people will tend to take up your offers sooner. You can also try selling in an auction format with a low starting bid to encourage sales. You can start off by offering as high as 50% discount to the first ten buyers.

Even after utilizing the above two steps, most sellers will still find it difficult to attract sales. The reason is because of their credentials. One solution to resolve this issue is to offer free review copies to the senior forum members. Their positive reviews will absolutely help your product or service. However, you must be aware that most senior forum members will post honest reviews, meaning that it may affect your listing negatively if you do not offer a good product or service.

To conclude, most forum members will not purchase a product or service from a very new forum member and the only way is to boost up your credentials or by helping the other members one way or another.