3 Steps to Creating a Productive and Fulfilling Working Environment (part III)

Continued from Part II

3. Have a Technology that works

Strong and capable leaders are often able to create a “working technology”. This technology can take the form of policies, code of conduct, routine, and predictable behaviors. When these are in placed and properly implemented, individuals within work environment feel secure, capable, important, have a sense of personal development, are generally highly motivated, and get results. But let’s face it, not all of us work for a strong and capable leader. So if we’re going to develop a fulfilling work environment, we must take the lead and cultivate our own routine & behaviors together with others that also want to improve their work environment.

When people come together and agree on a way to treat each other, on a way to act in certain situations, on a way to cooperate, these becomes a working technology.

The obstacles are, that we’re often so busy doing our work that we neglect to find better ways to do it; this is where our behaviors and our code of conduct need to be synchronized. One “Code of Conduct” could be Self Guiding Actions –

Self Guiding Actions If you want to be a certain way, you must consciously decide to act that way. The easiest way I found was to create a list of the experiences you would be committed to acting on, on a daily basis. My list looks something like this:

Cheerful Grateful Giving Productive Kind Organized Loving Intelligent Powerful Energetic

Every day I am this list. Even if I don’t feel like being cheerful, I make a conscious effort to do so. If I feel I don’t have the time to be organized, I take an extra 10 minutes to organize at least one part of my efforts. Those 10 minutes gives me a great sense of accomplishment in that I am being consistent with the environment I am creating and, it’s contagious to those around you! It is that reinforcement that strengthens your commitment to consistently following through with creating your greater working environment.

With a greater Circle of Tolerance, sharing Motivational Maps, and constantly applying a synchronized Technology, we influence ourselves and those around us toward a far greater understanding of how to bring out the best in each other. This foundation establishes an environment that we excel in, an environment that makes us more productive and more fulfilled, an environment that gives greater meaning to our work and even our life.

Live well!