3 Steps for Bringing Your Vision to Life

Are you ready…
…to step into your greatness?

Is your vision alive for you? Or is it a sleeping giant?

A vision is the imagination of your highest dreams and deepest desires realized. Vision is inspired, it is compelling and it pulls you forward.

Everyone has a vision. It is both a spiritual gift and it is a tool. Your vision is a giant that once awakened can keep you on track in manifesting a life that is worthy of you. And one in which you have the impact that only you can have in the world.

Vision operates like a powerful magnet that pulls you forward into your greatness – into the expression of your gifts and talents, dreams and desires, and purpose.

For your vision to work for you in these amazing ways, get to know it intimately and create an ongoing relationship with it. It is like any intimate relationship, you need to give it quality time and attention to keep it alive.

Here is a simple, three step process for bringing your vision to life and keeping it alive.

Before you begin, you need to do three things:

First, set aside some quiet time where you can devote your full attention to this visioning process. Dedicate time by scheduling it in your planner or on your calendar.

Second, have something to write with and on. Select pens and paper that you love. Writing in a notebook or journal that calls to you is a great idea.

And third, remember that a true vision is inspired. It comes from within your own spirit and can be felt and known in your heart and mind. Enter into your dedicated visioning time in the spirit of vision.

The Three Step Process:

1. Ask yourself this question
. “What would my life be like five years from now if it were better than I have yet imagined? Let it unfold. It will. And take note. Your vision may even seem to have a life of its own. Give it free rein until it feels complete.

2. Look for the deep desires inside your vision. Desires are the impulse of life seeking new and greater expression through you. What are the key desires living inside your vision that you want to express? Write each of them down as clearly as you can.

3. Create an affirmation for each of your key desires. An affirmation is a simple, clear and specific statement written in the present tense, as if it is already true.

Here is an example of an affirmation written from this process. “I am succeeding easily by using my true voice, doing what I love and making a difference.”

Write your affirmations down, keep them nearby and repeat them to yourself, or out loud, every day. Always repeat them in the spirit and energy of your vision.

Use this process to bring your vision to life – wake up your sleeping giant!

Notice how your vision becomes a magnet. It pulls you forward – aligning your thoughts, words and actions – toward the vision itself, and into your greatness.

And it pulls the “stuff” of your vision toward you.

Step Into Your Greatness…

Keep your vision alive!