3 Simple Steps to Quickly Reverse the Rebound Effect of Success and Breakthrough to the Next Level

Have you ever had a run of successful action and outcomes, and then felt blindsided by doubt, insecurity and unexpected obstacles? If so you have probably experienced the rebound effect of success.

You’ve been here. You are inspired, clear and focused. You are taking action, loving what you do and having great results.

The energy and power you are creating in and around you is magnetic. You are in that sometimes elusive flow experience. The right ideas, people, resources and opportunities show up when you need them. You act on them as they show up. It feels effortless.

You experience your highest self leading your enterprise. You create, you attract, you serve, you feel good and your business moves forward.

Then one day – seemingly out of the blue – you are out of sorts. Things seem to go wrong, you run into roadblocks and everything feels like an effort.

You begin to doubt yourself and what you are doing. Your clarity becomes confusion and your focus becomes fog. Your deepest fears show up and you are convinced they are the truth.

I call this the rebound effect. It happens when you are successfully moving beyond your comfort zone, the status quo of what has been. Instead you are living and acting from the realm of possibility, vision, service, dreams and desires.

The pull of the unconscious force of the status quo can be powerful and palpable. Especially when it catches you unaware.

Any remnants of disempowering beliefs, doubts, fears and insecurities act to pull you back. This will continue to recur until you breakthrough the force field of what has been. And into the next level of YOU and your business.

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Reverse the Rebound Effect and Breakthrough to the Next Level

1. Be aware that the rebound effect is a natural occurrence, and will happen. It is a sign that you are making huge progress, growing and transforming. As is your business. When you notice signs of it, remember that it is your unconscious reacting to your success. Say, “No thank you” to its false input and move on.

2. Tune in to your authentic self – the Spirit within – at the first sign of the rebound effect. Ask for guidance, an inspired thought or action. Relax and go on about your business, knowing that it will be given. When the guidance comes, act on it. Or ask “Who can I best serve? How can I best serve right now?” Listen and follow. Taking the focus off of yourself and focusing on service instead is one of the best antidotes for the rebound effect.

3. Connect with one of your champions, and tell them what is going on. This is a trusted coach, mentor, friend or loved one who believes in you, recognizes your greatness and will remind you of it. If you need someone to work with you through a breakthrough to the next level, then ask for that.

The rebound effect can be very powerful and pull you backwards. It can cause you to abandon your dreams and sabotage your success. Unless you recognize it for what it is, face it and act for your highest good.

Be aware of the rebound effect, face it and take the high road to build a powerful momentum toward the next level of your success. Breakthrough instead of breaking down.

Step Into Your Greatness…
Breakthrough the rebound effect into your next level of success!